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OpenStack Meet & Drink: Toast to Diablo – Event Highlights

As usual, here are the highlights from the last Bay Area OpenStack Meet & Drink: Toast to Diablo – September 28th, 2011. Thanks to WireRE for hosting us, Dave Nielsen – for helping to organize, and all the attendees – for coming. Once again, this was the biggest MeetUp thus far with 150 in attendance. […]

What is this Keystone anyway?

The simplest way to authenticate a user is to ask for credentials (login+password, login+keys, etc.) and check them over some database. But when it comes to lots of separate services as it is in the OpenStack world, we have to rethink that. The main problem is an inability to use one user entity to be […]

Cloudpipe Image Creation Automation

Cloudpipe is used in OpenStack to provide access to project’s instances when using VLAN networking mode. It is just a custom Virtual Machine (VM) prepared in a special way, i.e. coming with an accordingly configured openvpn and startup scripts. More details on what cloudpipe is and why it is needed are available in OpenStack documentation. […]

Cloud Accelerates Open Source Adoption

Historically, commercial software provided enterprises with reliability and scalability, especially for mission-critical tasks. No one wanted to risk failure in finance, operations, or any essential or enterprise-wide areas. So, enterprises considered open source technology only for less important, more tactical purposes. Recently, however, many large IT organizations have developed significant open source strategies. Cisco, Dell, […]