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NASA and OpenStack not lost in space — or in the cloud

A couple of weeks ago, just before GigaOM Structure (the cloud equivalent of short Indian Wedding), Twitter and the headlines rang out with the news that NASA, home of the space program, the Apollo moonshot, the International Space Station, and the space shuttles, was retiring yet another of its signature innovations: OpenStack. According to Information […]

At Structure 2012, Mirantis Joins the “Who’s Who” of cloud

Call it what you will — the Davos of Cloud, the Big Chill of cloud buzz, you name it — our friends at GigaOM have put together a terrific lineup of big time clouderati at the Structure conference next Wednesday June 20th and 21st. A lot of these guys are the real deal — Adrian Cockcroft […]

VMware vs. OpenStack: Comparing Technology and Philosophy

Over the course of the last 18 months, I’ve spent a bit of time as a booth bunny at shows like OSCON, Structure, CloudConnect etc. helping evangelize OpenStack. A fairly common conversation opener thrown by people expressing interest goes something like this: “We are currently using VMware, but it is too expensive… tell me how […]