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Mirantis is Hiring: Jobs in OpenStack Cloud

With the biggest holiday of the year behind us, it’s time to look past the post-prandial carbohydrate bloat and what to do with all those holiday leftovers. Now, think about what you’re going to make 2013 even more fun at work than you had in 2012. A good place to start: apply for a job […]

Questions and Answers: Storage as a Service with OpenStack Cloud

For those of you who missed our recent webcast on ‘Storage as a Service with OpenStack Cloud‘ a week or two back, I’ve listed the questions that I was asked there below for your reference. If you want to download the slides or view the recorded webcast, you can sign up for that here. “You […]

A look at individual membership in the OpenStack Foundation

I’m something of a political junkie. Independent of the outcome, the results of the presidential election were a letdown in that the game was over. But notwithstanding the fact that I still read Nate Silver religiously, I rarely resist the impulse to try and quantify some social phenomenon. And there are more elections coming soon […]

What people talk about when they talk about OpenStack Cloud

There’s enough going on in the OpenStack ecosystem that you can pretty much find a comfortable niche drilling down on anything from hypervisor compatibility to driver support to who’s in the foundation. But as you find yourself working on IaaS, whether from a deployment automation perspective or just building out your cloud, it’s useful to […]

Making sense of SDN with–and without–
HW-based networking in OpenStack Cloud

There’s a tremendous amount of talk about the shift in the networking business from hardware-bound networking to SDN. I worry when I hear that SDN is the next ‘big data’ or ‘cloud’ trend. It makes me think that just as every application and infrastructure company is now offers ‘cloud’ and every data technology company is […]

Webinar 12/12/12: Building out
Storage as a Service with OpenStack Cloud

Sign up today. Date & Time: Wednesday 12 Dec 2012 | 10am PT | 1 PM ET | 7pm CET Following the success and popularity of our webcast earlier this year on ‘What’s new in OpenStack Folsom‘, we’ve put together another online technology review of OpenStack and Storage, in a webcast next Wednesday (time and dates […]

Using an orchestrator to improve Puppet-driven deployment of OpenStack

One of the complexities of the OpenStack installation process is that there are multiple dependencies between components distributed among different nodes. As a result the Puppet agent must run multiple times on each node and preserve the specific order of execution. Here, I want to make the argument that use of a centralized orchestrator for […]