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With the biggest holiday of the year behind us, it's time to look past the post-prandial carbohydrate bloat and what to do with all those holiday leftovers. Now, think about what you're going to make 2013 even more fun at work than you had in 2012. A good place to start: apply for a job at Mirantis. Why? If you’re an ambitious …


For those of you who missed our recent webcast on 'Storage as a Service with OpenStack Cloud' a week or two back, I've listed the questions that I was asked there below for your reference. If you want to download the slides or view the recorded webcast, you can sign up for that here. “You mentioned a VSA. What is a …


I’m something of a political junkie. Independent of the outcome, the results of the presidential election were a letdown in that the game was over. But notwithstanding the fact that I still read Nate Silver religiously, I rarely resist the impulse to try and quantify some social phenomenon. And there are more elections coming soon – specifically, the OpenStack foundation. So …


There's enough going on in the OpenStack ecosystem that you can pretty much find a comfortable niche drilling down on anything from hypervisor compatibility to driver support to who's in the foundation. But as you find yourself working on IaaS, whether from a deployment automation perspective or just building out your cloud, it's useful to take a step back and …


Mirantis pitches a do-it-yourself OpenStack cloud
Barb Darrow December 12, 2012

Which OpenStack component is best for your needs? Here’s the thing about OpenStack — techies inside companies often want cloud computing capabilities and have the wherewithal to test them out but not the time or energy to knit together the disparate pieces that go into an OpenStack cloud. Mirantis says it can offer that OpenStack infrastructure — having already vetted the best, most stable OpenStack components and deliver them in a fixed time for a fixed amount. Its Do-it-Yourself OpenStack service can sort this out for you and provide the best, most stable OpenStack infrastructure to meet given needs.


Mirantis Launches DIY OpenStack Cloud Assist Service
Pedro Hernandez December 11, 2012

The newly-announced Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Assist Services for OpenStack helps organizations roll their own clouds with Mirantis-supplied deployment support services and developer training. It is available in three flavors, Lite, Basic, and Pro, to accommodate varying levels of expertise. While many IT experts revel in rolling up their sleeves and poring over documentation, Mirantis CEO Adrian Ionel believes that many businesses won’t mind help from a company that has a few big deployments under its belt. In fact, he’s betting on it.


Consultancy launches DIY cloud, OpenStack-style
Brandon Butler December 10, 2012

The new service is aimed at organizations, or business units within a large company, to try and test out OpenStack, says Mirantis co-founder Boris Renski, who also sits on the OpenStack Foundation‘s board of directors. It represents a continuing maturity of the OpenStack ecosystem, which has thus far included many code contributions to the project by vendors to ensure their existing products work within an OpenStack ecosystem. While vendors have begun releasing distributions of the OpenStack code, the broader cloud market seems to be waiting and monitoring user adoption of the platform.


Mirantis unveils DIY open cloud service
Rene Millman December 11, 2012

Cloud consultancy Mirantis has launched a new service that will allow organisations to build their own cloud based on OpenStack. The firm outlined a number of support options that would enable customers to launch test of full-scale deployments of clouds using the open source cloud technology. The DIY Assist service is aimed at business units within large companies wishing to try out OpenStack, according to Mirantis co-founder Boris Renski.


There’s a tremendous amount of talk about the shift in the networking business from hardware-bound networking to SDN. I worry when I hear that SDN is the next ‘big data’ or ‘cloud’ trend. It makes me think that just as every application and infrastructure company is now offers ‘cloud’ and every data technology company is making things for ‘big data’, …

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Consultancy launches DIY cloud, OpenStack-style
Brandon Butler October 12, 2012

Cloud consultancy Mirantis today released a series of support options to help customers launch test or full-scale deployments of OpenStack-powered clouds.  “This is aimed at the grassroots adopters of OpenStack,” Renski says. “For the evangelists within an enterprise who have a limited budget and want to try out OpenStack and want to do it right.” The move represents a continuing maturity of the OpenStack ecosystem, which has thus far included many code contributions to the project by vendors to ensure their existing products work within an OpenStack ecosystem.