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    Mirantis OpenStack is the zero lock-in distro that makes deploying your cloud easier, and more flexible, and more reliable.

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    Mirantis OpenStack Express is on demand Private-Cloud-as-a-Service. Fire up your own cloud and deploy your workloads immediately.

Solutions Engineering

Services offerings for all phases of the OpenStack lifecycle, from green-field to migration to scale-out optimization, including Migration, Self-service IT as a Service (ITaaS), CI/CD. Learn More

Deployment and Operations

The deep bench of OpenStack infrrastructure experts has the proven experience across scores of deployments and uses cases, to ensure you get OpenStack running fast and delivering continuous ROI.

Driver Testing and Certification

Mirantis provides coding, testing and maintenance for OpenStack drivers to help infrastructure companies integrate with OpenStack and deliver innovation to cloud customers and operators. Learn More

Certification Exam

Know OpenStack? Prove it. An IT professional who has earned the Mirantis® Certificate of Expertise in OpenStack has demonstrated the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to create, configure, and manage OpenStack environments.

OpenStack Bootcamp

New to OpenStack and need the skills to run an OpenStack cluster yourself? Our bestselling 3 day course gives you the hands-on knowledge you need.

The #1 Pure Play OpenStack Company

Some vendors choose to “improve” OpenStack by salting it with their own exclusive technology. At Mirantis, we’re totally committed to keeping production open source clouds free of proprietary hooks or opaque packaging. When you choose to work with us, you stay in full control of your infrastructure roadmap.

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At Mirantis, within our customer and partner base we see growing demand for deploying and running Windows based applications on OpenStack cloud. Today we are pleased to announce the forthcoming Murano project, which is designed to ease this process.  The main goal of this initiative is to create a native OpenStack component that enables fast provisioning and operation of Windows …


Within the last week, Project Savanna took two significant steps forward. First, today we announced, with Hortonworks and Red Hat, a commitment to work together on the project to deliver Apache Hadoop on OpenStack. If you read our blog post here on April 1, you know some of the history and details of the Savanna project and its use cases. Mirantis originally …


We are introducing the the first of a continuing series of interviews with OpenStack Project Technical Leads on our Mirantis blog. Our goal is to educate the broader tech community and help people understand how they can contribute to and benefit from OpenStack. Naturally, these are the opinions of the interviewee, not of Mirantis. We’ve edited the interview for clarity …


We'll be presenting Savanna (Hadoop on OpenStack project) at "Unconference track" on April 15th, Monday 11:50am during OpenStack Summit in Portland. We'll cover the background of what Savanna is, roadmap, show live demo of the current functionality and talk about plans for the next phase. Everybody who'll be at the summit is welcome to attend! "Unconference track" is a room dedicated to …


At Mellanox, we’ve recently introduced some plug-ins for OpenStack. In this post, we’ll talk about the background for those technologies and tell you how you can get started with the iSER plugin (iSCSI extensions for RDMA) for your OpenStack cloud. Classically, data center computing relies on any of several types of communication between Compute and Storage servers, as compute servers read …


Hadoop was originally a widely adopted implementation of the MapReduce paradigm. It has since become a platform for distributed computation, with a number of projects built on top of it. In this post, I will discuss use cases for moving two core components—the MapReduce framework and HDFS (distributed and reliable file system)—to OpenStack. This will be a first step toward …