Heat things up with OpenStack — before your competitors do

One of the most frequently cited advantages of bringing OpenStack into your corporate world is the ability to easily add resources when your developers or other teams need them. Starting a new project? Start up a server. Experimenting with changes to an existing application? Start up a server. An application needs more resources? Start up … Continued

Integrating OpenStack Cloud Nova Volume storage with Isilon

What do you use to store your OpenStack volumes? If you’re building an OpenStack cloud, you’ll need that block level storage to give to your instances through an iSCSI session by default. If  you want to have intelligent, flexible, scalable, and reliable physical storage for this purpose, one alternative you might consider is the Isilon IQ … Continued

Integrating OpenStack Nova-network with Infoblox IP Address Management

What is Infoblox? I think everybody reading this post knows or has heard about such network services as DNS and DHCP. These are core services and they are used everywhere. In a virtual environment such as OpenStack they built into the foundations. Infoblox is an appliance-based, integrated DNS, DHCP, and IP address management product that … Continued



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