Author: Eugene Kirpichev


In two previous posts, my colleagues Oleg Gelbukh and Piotr Siwczak covered most of the ground on making OpenStack highly available (HA). If you haven't read those posts yet, it's a good time to do so: Oleg's post on OpenStack HA in general Piotr's post on MySQL and RabbitMQ HA. In this post, I'll offer some direct practical advice on completing the puzzle: …


Mirantis OpenStack ExpressDeveloper Edition:Get Private-Cloud-as-a-Service for a year free. In a previous post about OpenStack networking, my colleague Piotr Siwczak explained how FlatManager and FlatDHCPManager works in a multi-host network setup. Here, I will explain how FlatDHCPManager works with single-host networking. It is perhaps easier to understand; it also happens to be the default mode you get when installing OpenStack using one …


In collaboration with Cisco’s OpenStack team and a number of other community members, we’ve started socializing a set of blueprints for an elastic load balancer API service – LBaaS. With LBaaS, the API for tenants is abstracted away from the actual API of underlying hardware or software load balancers, in consistent fashion.

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