OpenStack Networking Tutorial: Single-host FlatDHCPManager

Mirantis OpenStack ExpressDeveloper Edition:Get Private-Cloud-as-a-Service for a year free. In a previous post about OpenStack networking, my colleague Piotr Siwczak explained how FlatManager and FlatDHCPManager works in a multi-host network setup. Here, I will explain how FlatDHCPManager works with single-host networking. It is perhaps easier to understand; it also happens to be the default mode … Continued

Proposing Elastic Load Balancing as a Service for OpenStack

In collaboration with Cisco’s OpenStack team and a number of other community members, we’ve started socializing a set of blueprints for an elastic load balancer API service – LBaaS. With LBaaS, the API for tenants is abstracted away from the actual API of underlying hardware or software load balancers, in consistent fashion.



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