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OpenStack Trove Stores Your Data without Admin Complexities

Denis Makogon and Ilya Sviridov - October 25, 2013 -

Trove, OpenStack’s Database as a Service (DBaaS) project is in active development but holds a real treasure. Run entirely on OpenStack, this service is designed to provide all of the goods of a relational database without the hassle of having to handle complex administrative tasks. Trove is designed to support a single-tenant database within a Nova instance.

Trove currently allows users to provision a database within a single instance, manage users and databases, back up and restore data, resize instances, and check quota usage.

Trove is in the integration phase and will be available in the Icehouse release. Trove is maturing as a production usage-level OpenStack component. It represents another step forward for OpenStack in the direction of building platform services.

The Mirantis Trove team recently presented an overview of the current project functionalities and community involvement.