Our Adventures in China: OpenStack APAC Conference Update

OpenStack APAC Conference 2012 stood out as the world’s most attended OpenStack conference in history. Quality of the organization was superb. Thank you COSUG and CSDN for putting on an awesome show. Here is an update on our OpenStack adventures in China…

Arrived Thursday evening. Here is the Beijing skyline from the 19th floor of Crown Plaza Sun Palace. Humid air and lots of smog.

Six people were sitting at the registration stand throughout the entire day, even when nobody was registering. Tristan Goode came up with a phrase we were using throughout the trip to explain peculiarities of Chinese culture  – “because China”


I did the OpenStack foundation update as the opening keynote… thank you to Mark Collier and Jonathan Bryce for giving me the opportunity.


There was close to a thousand people in the audience. According to folks from COSUG 1300 people attended the APAC OpenStack conference this year, which makes it biggest OpenStack conference in the world so far… bigger than OpenStack Design Summit and Conference in April.

 First day was closed by a panel on building international OpenStack communities. Somehow a discussion comparing OpenStack, VMWare and Eucalyptus has also become a part of this panel…

At the end of the day we all went out with folks from COSUG, CSDN, Nicira, Midokura, Aptira, Nectar…and probably more. Thank you Nicira for picking up the bill…

The following day, I had the opening speech again… this time talking about how to make money on OpenStack.

Immediately after we went do do some sightseeing…

 …and were quickly and artfully swindled by a “poor Chinese student who was studying at the university” to buy $180 worth of art from him…

 …happy Alex carrying his newly acquired art…

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