Mirantis Acquires Docker Enterprise Platform Business


AWS, VMware, OpenStack … what’s your opinion?

Amazon Web Services (AWS), VMWare and OpenStack are all popular tools IT/OPS practitioners and developers use on their cloud journey. While vendors have many opinions on how these technologies stack up against each other, there is a shortage of data on how users perceive these technologies. In order to better understand the different distinct advantages and drawbacks of prevalent cloud-servicing technologies, Mirantis has sponsored two surveys for those familiar with AWS or VMWare and OpenStack. The survey is about 5 minutes long and our survey results will be published so the entire community can benefit.

Survey Links:

We would appreciate it if you could take the time to fill out the relevant survey according to your respective background.

James Chung is a summer intern for Mirantis Inc. and is currently a student at Yale University.

Photo by BillsoPHOTO (https://www.flickr.com/photos/billsophoto/4175299981)

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