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Look at all these things waiting on more cloud

If you’ve ever tried to explain what you do for a living for someone who’s not in tech, you’ve probably been challenged to make it relevant to their day-to-day life.

Steve Jobs did a lot to ameliorate that. But even as we are accustomed to the rate of transformations made possible by the technology we all work on, people outside of Silicon Valley don’t always see that.
The cloud is one of those things, of course, that for all the hype here might not get all the attention it’s due in other places in the fundamental way it changes everything that everyone does, inside and outside the tech community. To help that story, I want to use a recent presentation from Mary Meeker and Liang Wu of local VC Kleiner Perkins which details growth in the internet sector.
Perhaps it’s a deliberate omission on their part that the deck says little to nothing about cloud. Take a look at the section titled “Re-imagination of nearly everything — powered by new devices+connectivity+UI+Beauty — where we are now …”   The presentation enumerates 50+ items that are in the ‘reimagined category’.

Even without cloudwashing (I left out #61, Food Trucks, even though the deck credits Twitter with some of their popularity), you get a nice snapshot of how much appetite for cloud is accelerating out there.

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