What We Announced Today and Why it Matters

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Today we announced that we have acquired the Docker Enterprise platform business from Docker, Inc. including its industry leading Docker Enterprise and 750 customers.

Why Docker Enterprise, and Why Now?

Docker led the container revolution and changed the world towards a better way to build, share and run software. No infrastructure company has had a bigger impact on developers in the last decade. Docker Enterprise is the only independent container platform that enables developers to seamlessly build, share and safely run their applications anywhere – from public cloud, to hybrid cloud to the edge.  One-third of Fortune 100 and one-fifth of Global 500 companies use Docker Enterprise. Two years ago Docker Enterprise started to ship Kubernetes as part of its Universal Control Plane and many of its customers are using it today or plan to use it in the near future.

This acquisition will accelerate Mirantis’ vision to deliver Kubernetes-as-a-Service with a consistent experience for developers on any cloud and on-prem infrastructure. 

Why Mirantis?

Mirantis has always brought strategic flexibility to companies moving to cloud. Our Kubernetes technology joined with Docker Enterprise brings even greater simplicity and choice to enterprises with a cloud-first mandate.

By basing the combined technology on flexible infrastructure and open standards like Kubernetes for full application portability, along with our expertise in providing market-leading enterprise support for open source software, Mirantis is a compelling alternative to lock-in platforms like VMware and Red Hat.

As enterprises continue to accelerate moving to hybrid and multi-cloud architectures, they want to avoid cloud lock-in and cloud sprawl. Selecting a container platform based on open standards allows enterprises to retain the strategic flexibility needed to run applications wherever needed. 

What Exactly Is Mirantis Acquiring?

Mirantis is acquiring Docker’s Enterprise business including products, technology, IP, and customer and partner relationships and will onboard former Docker Enterprise employees to continue to provide Docker Enterprise users a world-class customer experience.

  • The Docker Enterprise platform technology and associated IP: Docker Enterprise Engine, Docker Trusted Registry, Docker Unified Control Plane, Docker CLI 
  • All Docker Enterprise customers and contracts 
  • Strategic technology alliances and partner programs

What is Mirantis adding to Docker’s Enterprise business?

  • Its K8s-as-a-Service technology and expertise 
  • A shared product vision to deliver a consistent developer experience on any infrastructure, powered by K8s
  • A sound financial foundation with a proven track record of long-term success
  • Ongoing commitment to open source development and open standards 
  • The Mirantis as-a-service model for a simpler customer experience with greater economic value

Where Do We Go From Here?

Mirantis will assume the Docker Enterprise customer contracts. As the leader in enterprise Kubernetes support and managed services for open cloud infrastructure, Mirantis will work with customers on an ongoing basis to ensure continuity in support and services.

What About Docker Swarm?

The primary orchestrator going forward is Kubernetes. Mirantis is committed to providing an excellent experience to all Docker Enterprise platform customers and currently expects to support Swarm for at least two years, depending on customer input into the roadmap. Mirantis is also evaluating options for making the transition to Kubernetes easier for Swarm users.

Where You Can Learn More About Today’s News

Mirantis will be hosting a webinar on November 21, where we will be available to answer additional questions about the news and our vision for the future. Register here for the webinar.

If you’re a Docker Enterprise customer, an FAQ is available to answer your basic questions and provide a few ways to reach out to Mirantis. Of course, we will also reach out to you in the near term and ensure that your transition experience is seamless and positive.

We’re happy to note that this acquisition will enable Docker, Inc. to focus on advancing developers’ workflows when assembling, sharing and deploying modern applications. We see significant opportunities to collaborate with Docker, Inc. as both companies accelerate the move to containers and Kubernetes.

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