Mirantis at EDGE 2016 – Unlocked Private Clouds on IBM Power8

On September 22, Mirantis’ Senior Technical Director, Greg Elkinbard, spoke at IBM’s Edge 2016 IT infrastructure conference in Las Vegas. His short talk described Mirantis’ mission: to create clouds using OpenStack and Kubernetes under a “Build, Operate, Transfer” model. He enumerated some of the benefits Mirantis customers like Volkswagen are gaining from their large-scale clouds, including more-engaged developers, faster release cycles, platform delivery times reduced from months to hours, and significantly lower costs.

Greg wrapped up the session with a progress report on IBM and Mirantis’ recent collaboration to produce a reference architecture for compute node placement on IBM Power8 systems: a solution aimed at lowering costs and raising performance for database and similar demanding workloads. Mirantis is also validating Murano applications and other methods for deploying a wide range of apps on IBM Power hardware, including important container orchestration frameworks, NFV apps, Big Data tools, webservers and proxies, popular databases and developer toolchain elements.

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