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Murano 0.4 Brings You Metadata Repository, Neutron Support

Ekatarina Fedorova - December 27, 2013 -

The Murano project is an application catalog that allows cloud developers and administrators to publish various cloud-ready applications. This browsable catalog allows cloud users regardless of experience level to get the applications and services they need to create reliable environments at the push of a button. The latest release, 0.4, implements the Simplified Metadata Repository specification and adds OpenStack Havana and Neutron support, among other changes and updates.

The addition of Metadata Repository is considered the first step toward establishing the project’s goal of creating an application catalog for OpenStack. This repository is used to store, display, group, and use metadata objects for deployment. The files needed for configuring and deploying an OpenStack service configuration, which were previously scattered in the Dashboard and Conductor components code, can now be managed from a single place. Metadata Repository does that through a special API and Web UI, where the user can manage both the service packages and the files they reference.

Another update is support of both Nova Networking and Neutron. To switch from one to the other, all you have to do is change the value of the network_topology and NETWORK_TOPOLOGY parameters in the Conductor and Dashboard configurations, respectively.

Many changes have been made to internal networking of Conductor and service templates to solve the problem of IP exhaustion in the external network. Now, during the deployment of each environment, the Conductor tries to guess the default router and separates each environment’s address space by generating a subnet for each environment.

Please check the latest Release Notes for the full list of updates, changes, fixes, and outstanding issues.

The easiest way to try Murano is to install it with Fuel.  This screencast shows you how to add Murano to your OpenStack environment in about 15 minutes. We hope you enjoy the video and send us your feedback. You may also contact the team at their #murano FreeNode IRC channel.