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October Training Update

Mirantis OpenStack training instructors teaching studentsWelcome to this month’s update on training at Mirantis!

There’s no time like the present to work in IT, and it doesn’t get much hotter than cloud. Naturally, this means OpenStack is becoming more relevant than ever, so here at Mirantis we’ve stepped up our training program so that more people than ever can start their journey towards becoming OpenStack cloud experts. We’ve done that by releasing the first of our new online resources, adding new locations, and creating our OpenStack Fundamentals course.

Online OpenStack Training Resources

We are especially excited to announce our new online resources feature. Our goal is to help spread knowledge of OpenStack across the general community in order to help advance the careers of IT professionals of every stripe. Whether you’re an OpenStack beginner or expert, you’ll find something to help bring your skills to the next level. Our online resources will cover a variety of topics, spanning the spectrum of experience levels. And in case you’re wondering, yes, these lessons and quizzes are free! Right off the bat, we have 2 available lessons:

We will constantly be adding to our online resources section, so stay tuned!

More Locations Than Ever

We’re always looking for places where people are interested in OpenStack to host our public Bootcamps, and we’re pleased to announce a few new additions! Come join us for training in these new cities:

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about Mountain View, Austin, or New York City! Please check out the complete list of OpenStack trainings.

OpenStack Fundamentals Course

New to OpenStack? Not ready to take a few days out of your schedule for a deep-dive Bootcamp? Our new OpenStack Fundamentals course provides a great introduction to what makes OpenStack distinguished from other technologies and a high-level overview of OpenStack’s various components.

Coming Soon

Now that OpenStack Havana has been released, naturally the next evolution of training for OpenStack is in full swing – more on this coming soon!

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