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OpenStack Unconference Update: Hadoop as a Service–Project Savanna (Monday 15 April 1150am)

We’ll be presenting Savanna (Hadoop on OpenStack project) at “Unconference track” on April 15th, Monday 11:50am during OpenStack Summit in Portland.

We’ll cover the background of what Savanna is, roadmap, show live demo of the current functionality and talk about plans for the next phase. Everybody who’ll be at the summit is welcome to attend!

“Unconference track” is a room dedicated to technical discussion and presentation of the new projects with no official schedule published. We have Monday 11:50 slot booked for Savanna. The room # is A104.

For those of you who missed the original announcement, an excerpt:

Hadoop was originally a widely adopted implementation of the MapReduce paradigm. It has since become a platform for distributed computation, with a number of projects built on top of it. In this post, I will discuss use cases for moving two core components—the MapReduce framework and HDFS (distributed and reliable file system)—to OpenStack. This will be a first step toward bringing the whole Hadoop infrastructure into the private cloud. This project, which we’ve called Savanna, was just recently introduced by Mirantis, and is detailed by my colleague Dmitry Mescheryakov in the Youtube video below. I’ve also discussed the use cases we believe are germane to the problem.

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