Mirantis Releases Docker Enterprise 3.1

Securing Your Containers Isn’t Enough

The following is a guest post by Tim Reilly, CEO of Zettaset. Containers have many use cases and benefits, but despite their impact, containers also create a host of new security challenges. Containers have short lifespans and move fast, so gaining full visibility into what’s happening in the environment can be difficult. Unlike virtual machines, containers aren’t always isolated from each …

Running Remote Workshops

In the current climate, where we are either unable to travel to collaborate or because we just want to reduce our impact on the environment, the ability to effectively collaborate remotely is critical. 

Our commitment to you

I am sure that you are doing everything possible to support your employees, customers and families during this challenging time. We at Mirantis are doing the same.

Introduction to YAML: Creating a Kubernetes deployment

An introduction to YAML and how to use it to create Kubernetes Pods and Deployments.

How to build a simple edge cloud: Q&A

Last week we held a webinar explaining the basics behind creating edge clouds, including a live demo, but we didn’t have enough time for all of the questions. So as is our tradition, here are the Q&As, including those we didn’t get to on the call.

Securing applications at the Edge with Trusted Docker Containers

Mirantis has partnered with Intel to secure the last mile in Docker Enterprise Platform to hardware primitives in Trusted Platform Module (TPM), leveraging Intel Platform Trust Technology (Intel PTT). 

Mirantis will continue to support and develop Docker Swarm

Here at Mirantis, we’re excited to announce our continued support for Docker Swarm, while also investing in new features requested by customers.

OpenStack Case Study: CloudVPS

Mirantis customer CloudVPS is using OpenStack to deliver a public cloud in the Netherlands. Cross-posted from Superuser. Guest Post: By Sunny Cai CloudVPS is one of the largest Dutch independent OpenStack providers that delivers advanced cloud solutions. With a team of 15 people, CloudVPS is one of the first in Europe to get started with OpenStack, and they are leading in the development …

Get Your Windows Apps Ready for Kubernetes

Historically, the Kubernetes orchestrator has been focused on Linux-based workloads, but Windows has started to play a larger part in the ecosystem.

Best of 2019 Blogs, Part 1: Introducing Docker Kubernetes Service

Docker Kubernetes Service (DKS) is a Certified Kubernetes distribution that is included with Docker Enterprise 3.0 and is designed to solve the fundamental challenge of Kubernetes’ operational complexity.

Best of 2019 Blogs, Part 2: Building Your First Certified Kubernetes Cluster On-Premises

This week and next, we're bringing you the top 5 most popular blog posts about Docker Enterprise from 2019. The most popular post by far was a guest post by Ajeet Raina diving in to how to run Kubernetes on Docker Enterprise.  Ajeet is a Docker Captain. You can follow Ajeet on Twitter @ajeetsraina and read his blog at http://www.collabnix.com.  There …

Finnish Railways Modernizes Key Transportation Apps with Docker Enterprise

VR Group is the state-owned company that runs Finnish Railways, and provides 82 million passenger train rides and transports 36 million tons of goods per year. The 150+ year old transportation business is broken into separate divisions, each with their own technology departments. Finnish Railways does not have an in-house development team, so each division leverages external vendors and partners for …

Shifting Legacy WebLogic Apps to Docker Enterprise for Improved Operations

Danish insurance and banking company Alm. Brand demonstrates how they helped lift and shift their legacy WebLogic applications to Docker Enterprise.  

Cornell University: It all started with Dockerizing an old version of Confluence with Docker Enterprise

This guest post by Shawn Bower at Cornell University was originally published on the Docker blog. In my role as Cloud Architect I often hear, “Docker sounds great but it won’t work for my application.”  In my experience Docker can improve the state of many applications including legacy and vendor solutions.  The first production workload at Cornell on Docker was the …

Kubernetes Lifecycle Management with Docker Kubernetes Service (DKS)

Kubernetes at scale or in production involves new requirements around both initial setup and config and the ongoing management (aka Day 1 and Day 2 ops).

What's New in Kubernetes 1.18