Mirantis Acquires Docker Enterprise Platform Business

How GlaxoSmithKline is Accelerating Science with Docker Enterprise

GlaxoSmithKline’s mission is “to help people do more, feel better, and live longer”. One way they are doing that is by using data science to find new drug formulations that can improve lives. Docker EE helps accelerate drug discovery through a project called Edge Node On Demand.

Role-based Access Control for Kubernetes with Docker Enterprise

This post was originally published on January 24, 2018 on the Docker blog. Last week we released the latest beta for Docker Enterprise Edition 2.0. Without a doubt one of the most significant features in this release is providing a single management control plane for both Swarm and Kubernetes-based clusters – including clusters made up of both Swarm and Kubernetes workers. …

How Wiley Education Services Empowers Students with Docker Enterprise

We sat down recently with our customer, Wiley Education Services, to find out how Docker Enterprise helps them connect with and empower higher education students. Wiley Education Services (WES) is a division of Wiley Publishing that delivers online services to over 60 higher education institutions. We spoke with Blaine Helmick, Senior Manager of Systems Engineering about innovation and technology in education. …

Putting Docker Enterprise on the Map with Kadaster and Capgemini

As a government organization for the Netherlands, Kadaster is responsible for collecting and registering property and land rights, ships, aircraft and telecom networks. An important service for its citizens, registry information is available predominantly through online web services. Beginning in 2011, Kadaster created a vision for their next generation technology platform which included a combination of SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS …

Best of 2019 Blogs, Part 4: Announcing Docker Enterprise 3.0 General Availability

Today, we’re excited to announce the general availability of Docker Enterprise 3.0 – the only desktop-to-cloud enterprise container platform enabling organizations to build and share any application and securely run them anywhere – from hybrid cloud to the edge.

Best of 2019 Blogs, Part 5: Don’t Be Scared of Kubernetes

This week and next, we're bringing you the top 5 most popular blog posts about Docker Enterprise from 2019. The #2 post started as a fun idea for Halloween. We quickly realized that while everyone is talking about Kubernetes, a lot of people are afraid to make a big commitment to it. This post captures some of the reasons people …

For Liberty Mutual, the openness and flexibility of the cloud means better business outcomes

Liberty Mutual is moving applications to the cloud, upping the speed of developing and deploying applications and improving business and customer outcomes.

The Role of Enterprise Container Platforms

More than just a runtime for applications, a container platform provides a complete management solution for securing and operationalizing applications in containers at scale over the entire software lifecycle.

Create and manage an OpenStack-based KaaS child cluster

Deploying and managing Kubernetes clusters doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s how to do it with Mirantis Kubernetes as a Service (KaaS).

What We Announced Today and Why it Matters

Today we announced that we have acquired the Docker Enterprise platform business from Docker, Inc. including its industry leading Docker Enterprise and 750 customers. Why Docker Enterprise, and Why Now? Docker led the container revolution and changed the world towards a better way to build, share and run software. No infrastructure company has had a bigger impact on developers in the last …

How to build an edge cloud part 1:  Building a simple facial recognition system

Learn about the basics of building an edge cloud — and build a facial recognition system while you’re at it.

53 Things to look for in OpenStack Train

Now that OpenStack Train has been released, here are some features to look for.

Tips for taking the new OpenStack COA (Certified OpenStack Administrator) exam – October 2019

Mirantis will be providing resources to the OpenStack Foundation, including becoming the new administrators of the upgraded Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA) exam

Istio Webinar Postmortem

Live demos are a thing of beauty — you never know when the demo gods will decide to break your precious setup. During yesterday's webinar, Your Application Deserves Better than Kubernetes Ingress: Istio vs. Kubernetes, the first thing I wanted to show during the Istio demo was exposing an app using NodePort. Applying the deployment file resulted in the following: $ …

What is Rancher? The KaaS Landscape, Part 1

The first in a series of articles describing the various players in the Kubernetes as a Service (KaaS) area, discussing the pros and cons of Rancher, one of the first such tools on the market.

How to Use Service Mesh with VMs and Containers