How much will you save when you switch to Mirantis?

What’s new in Kubernetes 1.11 — the Q&A

Last week we presented a webinar talking about the new features in the new release of Kubernetes 1.11.

Virtlet vs KubeVirt comparison: which is better?

Whether you use Kubevirt or Virtlet for your VM-as-a-container needs is going to depend on your individual situation, as these two tools are very, very different.

Admit it. VNF Certification is Marketing.

Generic VNF “certification” programs sound great and are terrific for marketing. Unfortunately they don’t add value for customers.

Introducing Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP) Spring 2018 Release

We’ve added improvements to all three tiers of MCP, the DriveTrain CD layer, the cloud platform itself, which includes Kubernetes and OpenStack Pike, and the StackLight monitoring layer.

Virtlet: run VMs as Kubernetes pods

Virtlet makes it possible to run VMs on Kubernetes clusters as if they were plain pods, enabling you to use standard kubectl commands to manage them.

Machine Learning and AI in the Datacenter and How It Will Affect You

Managing a datacenter and software development is a mass of complications. One way of mitigating problems is to use machine learning and AI techniques to help with management, and optimization.

Rolling up your sleeves for OpenStack: How to install services manually

These steps will take you through setting up an all-in-one VM in preparation for deploying OpenStack manually. Then we will deploy Keystone to help you get started on your journey.

How to create a Spinnaker pipeline

Ultimately we’ll use Spinnaker for our whole CI/CD lifecycle management, but let’s just start by creating an application that lets us resize a cluster based on feedback from an external system.

Hope is not a strategy: Continuous delivery and real world business

Ensuring that development and deployment are handled properly can be a challenge at best, and a nightmare at worst. You can hope things will work out, but hope is not a strategy.

OpenStack embraces the future with GPU, edge computing support

It wasn’t that long ago that OpenStack was the hot new kid on the infrastructure block. That just might change with the latest release of OpenStack, code-named Queens.

First beta version of Kubernetes 1.10 is here: Your chance to provide feedback

The Kubernetes community has released the Kubernetes 1.10 beta, which means you can now try out some of the new features and give your feedback to the release team ahead of the official release.

Using Kubernetes Helm to install applications: A quick and dirty guide

Managing Kubernetes applications looks difficult compared “apt-get install mysql”. Fortunately there’s Helm, a Kubernetes-based package installer that manages preconfigured packages of resources.

What is Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) and when should I use it? Pros and cons of HCI and traditional architecture

There are good reasons to use Hyperconverged Infrastructure, but there are also downsides you need to take into consideration.

KQueen: The Open Source Multi-cloud Kubernetes Cluster Manager

Kubernetes got a lot of traction in 2017; let me give you my perspective on k8s installation and trends that we see at Mirantis.

The Intelligent Delivery Manifesto

All of the pieces necessary to create Intelligent Delivery already exist, from Infrastructure as Code to multicloud to machine learning. Now we need to combine them into a single methodology.

How to Use Service Mesh with VMs and Containers