Mirantis Acquires Docker Enterprise Platform Business

SUSE OpenStack is no more — but Don’t Panic

SUSE has announced they’re discontinuing their OpenStack distro, but it’s not the end of the line for their customers.

How to deploy Airship in a Bottle: A quick and dirty guide

Airship in a Bottle is a simple way to create an Airship deployment that includes a compact OpenStack cluster.

Democratizing Connectivity with a Containerized Network Function Running on a K8s-Based Edge Platform — Q&A

The Facebook-initiated Magma project makes it possible to run Containerized Network Functions in an Edge Cloud environment, thus opening up a whole range of capabilities for providers that may otherwise be limited in what they can provide.

PaaS vs KaaS: What’s the difference, and when does it matter?

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of addressing the issue of Platform as a Service vs Kubernetes as a Service. We talked about the differences between the two modes, and their relative strengths and weaknesses.

The silent revolution: the point where flash storage takes over for HDD

Flash is more expensive than HDD, right? Not so fast.

OpenStack vs AWS Total Cost of Ownership: Assumptions behind the TCO Calculator

You may think you know whether OpenStack or AWS is more expensive, but it’s a complicated process to decide. Here are some things you need to consider.

KaaS vs PaaS: Mirantis Kubernetes-as-a-Service vs OpenShift

OpenShift is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Mirantis KaaS is…well…a KaaS. These two concepts are different. Let me explain.

Can we stop pretending everything is going to run in containers?

Containers are not the only technology out there — and they never will be.

Quick tip:  Enable nested virtualization on a GCE instance

There are times when you need to run a virtual machine — but you’re already ON a virtual machine.  Fortunately, it’s possible, but you need to enable nested virtualization. 

C’mon! OpenStack ain’t that tough

OpenStack is still viewed as difficult to install and administer, but it’s not that tough — especially after you’ve taken OpenStack training and hands-on lab exercises.

Toward a pure devops world: why infrastructure must be treated as software

While the bleed of apps to infrastructure was inevitable, the move to cloud native architecture makes automation essential. The infrastructure is very much a part of the application. 

Intro to NoSQL database apps, Part 1: Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask

When a company is small -- say, just a few people, not much revenue -- it's natural to keep track of everything in simple spreadsheets or user-friendly databases such as Microsoft Access.  As you grow, you realize that your needs go beyond what Access was designed for, and you start thinking about large commercial databases such as SQL Server, or …

Quick Tip:  Use Apache as a proxy server to access internal IPs from an external machine

Sometimes, you don’t have a GUI, but you want to access a web server running on a local IP address. Use Apache as a proxy server to access that local IP address via an external IP address to that VM.

What you need to know about compliance audits

A compliance audit is quite literally an audit to see how closely you’re following the rules and regulations to which your company is subject, but it’s also more than that.

What’s new in Kubernetes 1.14? Webinar Q&A

Last week we took a look at some of the new features and other changes in Kubernetes 1.14, and we wanted to take a few minutes to answer some questions that came up.

How to Use Service Mesh with VMs and Containers