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Cloud Expo | Making Money in OpenStack

Making Money in OpenStack

Boris Renski, Co-founder and EVP, Mirantis
Wednesday, November 7th
Cloud Computing Expo 2012
Santa Clara Convention Center – Santa Clara, CA

Time for a pretty important cloud show here in Silicon Valley: today starts Cloud Expo, with two trends for the price of one: cloud computing and big data. And in case you’re wondering which comes first, the conference opening keynote is by Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the OpenStack Foundation.

Since the early days of open source code, there’s been plenty of talk about whether ‘free‘ meant ‘gratis‘ or ‘libre.‘ Probably not a surprise since one of the earliest projects was Free BSD, from what many know as the People’s Republic of Berkeley just a few miles across San Francisco Bay. And to be sure, economics is at the core of the discussion.

But where’s there’s controversy, there’s value, and what do you know, here at Mirantis we know a thing or two about the economics of a people’s republic. And we have certainly opinion about this side of OpenStack and cloud computing; to borrow a phrase from another presidential election, it’s the economics, stupid.

Sure, the technology is a big deal. But by us, the big deal of OpenStack is that it opens up the opportunity for everyone to make money. So if you missed it at the OpenStack summit, here’s your chance: see Mirantis EVP and co-founder Boris Renski deliver his talk about what makes the OpenStack marketplace tick at Cloud Expo:Making Money in OpenStack

Wednesday, November 7th at the Cloud Computing Expo 2012,
Santa Clara Convention Center – Santa Clara, CA

So don’t forget that other kind of free driving OpenStack and open source: the free market. See you at Cloud Expo.

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