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Stacking up in OpenStack: 5 Mirantis talks +1 in the running for April 2013 ‘Grizzly’ Summit

With the Call for Papers closed, we’re pleased to have a healthy list of proposals for talks submitted for the OpenStack summit, summarized below. Want to see the full presentations? Log into the OpenStack Summit April 2013 in Portland. You can vote for as many or as few presentations as you’d like. (You’ll need to be an individual member of the OpenStack Foundation; join here.) We think you’ll find a lot to like in the proposed agenda, and we hope you’ll find our submissions worth your vote.

And scroll to the bottom of this post for one more  talk we’ll think you’ll find really interesting — a particularly compelling large-scale use case that we know quite a bit about.

Quantum LBaaS (Load Balancing as a Service)

Roman Alekseenkov – Director of Engineering, OpenStack Product & Community at Mirantis

Mirantis Delivers OpenStack Cloud OpenStack Grizzly will finally include support for elastic load balancing. Quantum LBaaS project provides a standardized REST API that abstracts diverse hardware and software-based load balancers. This allows administrators and applications to instantiate and configure virtual and physical load balancers on demand. 

The talk will walk attendees through key features of Quantum LBaaS and will include a live demonstration of managing HA-proxy instances.  We will also discuss supported load balancers and go over the future roadmap.

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Stand up HA OpenStack with open Puppet manifests in under 20 minutes… for goat

Boris Renski – Co-Founder and EVP at Mirantis

Boris from Russia here… We do much OpenStack at Mirantis. Much customer ask us to make cloud controller is highly available. Also much customer is cheap and ask only free, open source stuff in their cloud. At Mirantis we like make customer happy, so we make puppet recipe to make very highly available OpenStack for free. In this talk I make simple demonstration that even a goat that had a lot of vodka can understand how is use open puppet recipes to make highly available OpenStack and pay zero rubles to anyone. Also, a goat.

I explain more…

Competitive Comparison – OpenStack vs CloudStack vs Eucalyptus

Lee Xie – Senior Technical Project Manager at Mirantis

Competitive comparison between Openstack and other open source software for build private/hybrid clouds.  Things that will be covered are features and limitations along with market analysis.

  • CloudStack Overview
  • CloudStack Architecture and Components
  • CloudStack Key Features
  • CloudStack Limitations
  • CloudStack WebUI
  • CloudStack Installation
  • Cloudstack UI
  • Eucalyptus Overview
  • Eucalyptus components
  • Mapping Eucalyptus Features
  • Eucalyptus Key Features
  • Eucalyptus Limitations
  • Summary
  • Market Trends
  • Analysis

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KPIs to get payoff for OpenStack: CI/CD and how cloud can reduce team and development friction

Anne Friend – Program Director at Mirantis

It’s one thing to make infrastructure versatile: how do you translate that to developing new features faster and reducing time to market? You can develop automated ways of connecting your apps to the cloud, but the bottom up approach often fails in isolation.

In fact, going beyond automation to KPIs makes it possible to characterize the collective benefit of the cloud, through the lens of continuous integration and continuous deployment. When a business has multiple environments and multiple vertical organizations, CI/CD enables fast feedback to the developers and the business through scalable speed-to-market product development. A unified view of KPIs provides a leveling mechanism, that help overcome non-technical barriers to establishing a culture of DevOps. When taken together with OpenStack’s approach to end-to-end infrastructure as code, KPIs and DevOps help close the loop in a  CI/CD lifecycle, and help all participants in the application value chain get the most from cloud computing. Anne will review methodology and steps to a high velocity organization.

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The Quantum of “Solace” or maybe it was Networking

Endre Karlson – Consultant/Contractor at Mirantis

Discussion on deployment and engineering for Quantum. We will share various personal experiences in deploying Quantum  for either testing or PoCs. We will also draw a comparison  on how Quantum compares to other systems and what additional value it has in respect to traditional networking setups.

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OpenStack in production: Accelerating Innovation at PayPal

Saran Mandair – Senior Director, Site Operations at PayPal

Pay Pal 

In Fall of 2012 PayPal embarked on a pilot OpenStack project aimed at transforming its global infrastructure into an agile, open and robust cloud platform.

Today the first PayPal production applications are running on OpenStack. By end of fall 2013, weexpect several thousand instances in production supporting web and mid-tier applications. Along the way, PayPal solved several technical challenges making OpenStack highly available, scalable and easy to operate at scale.

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