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Vote for Mirantis Talks for the Vancouver Summit

It’s time again to vote for your favorite topics for the next OpenStack Summit, and Mirantis is asking for your support. This time around, there are more than 50 proposed talks featuring Mirantis speakers, ranging from customer user stories to discussions on OpenStack containers to technical best practices and how to’s. Please take a look and vote for the ones that interest you. Thanks!

Remember, don’t put it off — voting ends next Monday, February 23 at 5pm CT.

  1. A long way across the sand dunes: from customer requirements to their satisfaction via OpenStack (with partner Mellanox)
  2. A Vendor-agnostic Guide to OpenStack Hybrid Cloud Tools (with HP)
  3. APIs Matter (with Red Hat)
  4. Ask the Experts: Are Containers a Threat to OpenStack? (with Hitachi Data Systems, EMC, GigaOm, Blue Box, Red Hat)
  5. Authorship-as-a-Service for Engineers: Helping OpenStack Reach “Mere Mortals”
  6. Baremetal and hybrid Big Data clusters on OpenStack using Sahara
  7. Benchmarks, Testing and Validation: How Good is your OpenStack Cloud? (with customer KVH)
  8. Best Practices for Cloud Storage Buildout with Cinder Services (with Datera)
  9. Best Practices for L3 HA and DVR Design
  10. Building Customer Trust with Architectural Design Assessments
  11. Building enterprise-grade LBaaS, security, and real-time visbility/analytics into OpenStack (with partner Avi Networks)
  12. Building High Performance NFV Infrastructure using OpenStack
  13. Building Your First Ceph Cluster for OpenStack— Fighting for Performance, Solving Tradeoffs
  14. BYOApp to the Cloud—With or Without Heat
  15. Deliver Cloud-Ready Applications to End-Users Using the Glance Artifact Repository
  16. Designed vs Grown: Cloud Architecture planning and TCO
  17. Detecting targeted cyber attacks in the cloud
  18. Developing your own Artifact Type Plugin for Glance Artifact Repository
  19. Docker and the future of OpenStack Containers
  20. Done in 60 Minutes: How to Create a Plugin for Fuel
  21. Expedia’s Journey to OpenStack: The 5Ws behind its architecture, implementation, and benefits (with customer Expedia and Scalr)
  22. Fifty Shades of OpenStack: How to quickly launch different OpenStack configurations
  23. From Service Providers to Customers’ Hands: OpenStack at the Core (with partner Parallels)
  24. Getting Real with “OpenStack Cloud Ready” Apps—Patterns, Myths and Platform Gaps (with HP)
  25. Governing Murano Application Deployment with Congress Policy (with VMware and HP)
  26. High performance Neutron using SR-IOV and Intel 82599
  27. How does Neutron really work? Collaborative documentation to the rescue! (with customer Workday and Rackspace)
  28. Instant PaaS on Instant OpenStack (with ActiveState)
  29. Is it stable? Validating your OpenStack cloud
  30. Is Raft Faster than Rabbit? Reliable placement control in OpenStack: Distributed scheduling
  31. Panel: Mad Stacks: Beyond Thunderdome (with Blue Box, Nebula, EMC, Piston, GigaOm)
  32. MagnetoDB and Trove: Enable database multi-tenancy in OpenStack
  33. Migrating Virtual Workloads Between OpenStack Clouds-Lessons Learned (with Business Connexion)
  34. Monitoring, managing, and monetizing Openstack clouds (with partner Talligent)
  35. Moving an AWS Workload to OpenStack
  36. MySQL and OpenStack Deep Dive (with Percona)
  37. Neutron-based Production-Grade SDN-Fabric Conquers the Chaos Monkey! (with partner Big Switch Networks)
  38. New Fuel Architecture: Pluggability, Reliability, Operations Support
  39. Nontraditional Object Storage – SANs and multiregion clusters
  40. OpenStack for AWS Developers
  41. OpenStack QA at Scale
  42. Panel: Optimizing Contributions with Globally Distributed Teams (with Verizon, Red Hat, Rackspace)
  43. Ready-made OpenStack: Looking towards a converged architecture (with partner Redapt)
  44. Running Kubernetes on top of OpenStack with Application Catalog
  45. So many OpenStack distributions, so little time! How do you select one?
  46. Software Defined Confusion: Comparing SDN solutions for OpenStack Clouds (with HP)
  47. Swift vs Ceph from an Architectural Standpoint
  48. The Multi-hypervisor OpenStack Cloud: Are We There Yet? (with HP)
  49. The OpenStack Learning Curve
  50. The Ultimate Hybrid Cloud Saga – The World Wide Cloud, one year later
  51. Trove and MagnetoDB, or How does OpenStack do NoSQL?
  52. Ultimate testing of OpenStack with Fuel
  53. Upgrading OpenStack With Minimal Downtime
  54. Using Rally for OpenStack certification at Scale! (with Blue Box)
  55. What’s coming for IPv6 and L3 in Neutron (with HP)
  56. Panel: What your customers don’t know about OpenStack might hurt you (with Blue Box, EMC, HP)
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