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This Week in OpenStack:Now (July 7, 2014-July 13, 2014)

John Jainschigg - July 14, 2014 -

A busy week in OpenStack, headlined by the release of Swift 2.0 with Storage Policies, the launch of Project Calico — an open source Layer 3 SDN architecture that meets requirements for NFV, and the release of RHELOSP 5.0. Meanwhile, contributors to the third OpenStack Book Sprint created a massive OpenStack Architecture Design Guide, soon to be available for download at a URL near you. 

Swift 2.0 Released – Now with Storage Policies

On Tuesday last, OpenStack Object Storage (Swift) released an upgrade hailed as the most significant since the project was initially open sourced. Swift 2.0 debuts Storage Policies, a simplified way to dynamically requisition storage meeting application requirements for storage tier/medium type, speed, capacity, replication level — even geographic area, to enable compliance with data sovereignty laws and regulations. Extensions to the Storage Policies scheme will support additional new features expected later this year, such as Erasure Coding. Read the full story

Metaswitch Launches Project Calico: Open Source Layer 3 Virtual Networking

Also on July 8, network virtualization pioneers Metaswitch Networks announced the launch of Project Calico, to which they’ve contributed the initial codebase under a (permissive) Apache license. Present virtual networking solutions for OpenStack run at Layer 2, requiring implementors to specify overlay networks as VLANs, which don’t scale well. Meanwhile, alternative technologies like GRE, VXLAN and other SDN approaches add big CPU overheads, limiting compute-node VM density (or compelling use of specialized network hardware for CPU offload) and ultimately adding costs. Read the full story

Red Hat’s Icehouse-Based RHELOSP 5.0 Distro Will Offer Three Years of Support, VMware Integration

On July 8, Red Hat released version 5 of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform. RHELOSP 5.0 is based on April’s Icehouse release of OpenStack, plus RH Enterprise Linux 7, and RH Enterprise Virtualization 3.4 — both released last month. The new spin will offer three years of support, double that of RHELOSP 4, released seven months ago. Read the full story










Vendor Announcements

In addition to the Swift 2.0 release (see above), twelve brave members of the OpenStack community (including OpenStack: Now’s Editor in Chief, Nick Chase) joined this past week at VMware headquarters in Palo Alto, CA for the third OpenStack Book Sprint. Despite rumors of mutiny and periodic threats of prison-break emerging on the Twitter feed, the assembled experts have, by confidential report, successfully produced a 65,000+ word OpenStack Architecture Design Guide, soon to be released for free download, and as a paper-based book. Said contributor Nick Chase over drinks on Friday night: “I can’t believe we wrote a whole book. And it’s … really, really good!”

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