Building out Storage as a Service with OpenStack Cloud

December 2012 Webcast

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It’s on: cheaper hardware and smarter software have everyone looking for new and flexible ways to improve utilization, cost effectiveness, and reliability of data storage. Cloud is on the short list. Do you know what your options are?

With emerging Storage as a Service (STaaS) options using OpenStack cloud and other open source storage platforms, better scalability and accelerated deployment are in reach. In fact, for key use cases, OpenStack cloud and open source can make STaaS an interesting alternative to traditional storage systems, often at dramatically lower cost.

Greg Elkinbard, Senior Technical Director at Mirantis, presents a pragmatic technical review of the state of the art for Open Source and OpenStack storage, including:

  • Overview of cloud storage use cases:
    ephemeral vs. persistent, local vs. shared, block, file, and object storage
  • Storage implementations:
    OpenStack Swift vs. OpenStack Cinder, and choosing a back-end platform
  • Open source storage platforms survey:
    Ceph, Swift, Lustre, and Gluster
  • Building Storage-as-a-Service:
    use cases and implementation tradeoffs that deliver High Availability


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Here’s more about Mirantis and OpenStack: