Baker Hughes GE Speeds Application Deployment Times from 6+ Months to 10 Minutes

Baker Hughes GE (BHGE) overcomes polyglot application dependency hell to support its global analytics team.

Video: DockerCon Session

Reducing Deployment Time from Months to Minutes


Baker Hughes GE’s outdated, monolithic infrastructure created crippling dependencies for their global analytics team, making deployment a 6-12 month process.


BHGE used Docker Enterprise to containerize analytics software, allowing them to securely distribute data to scientists around the world.


Leveraging Docker Enterprise brought BHGE out of “polyglot application dependency hell” and cut deployment time down from over six months to less than one hour.

BHGE by the Numbers


Hour for deployment


Countries where BHGE operates


in revenue (2017)

“Imagine a world where the only dependency you need is Docker! We call it DoD (Depend on Docker).”

— Alex Iankoulski

Principal Software Architect for Data Science and Analytics

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