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Complevo Drives Automotive Leaders Forward with Mirantis Container Platforms

Complevo uses Mirantis container platforms to build solutions for industry leaders in connected cars, AI-driven engineering, and other extraordinary use-cases.


  • Software development and design

  • Founded 2011

  • Based in Berlin, Germany

  • ~30 employees

Complevo is a software development firm that helps world-class brands leverage technology in order to innovate and drive their industries forward. From their offices in Berlin, Complevo’s work with firms in the automotive, public transport, and construction industries touches hundreds of thousands of lives—across Europe and around the world—every day.

Complevo’s solutions, running on Mirantis Kubernetes Engine, power the commercial and personal smart car systems of the second-largest automotive company in Germany—a world leader not only in manufacturing automobiles, but also emerging technologies like self-driving cars. The technology developed by Complevo can help coordinate vehicle fleets or support security and comfort in personal automobiles. With the software and expertise of Complevo and Mirantis, industry titans are able to move the whole world forward.

A platform for rapid iteration

At the heart of Complevo’s approach is an “integrated consulting” philosophy. “We go to whiteboard with partners to understand the problem together and design solutions together before moving to the solution space,” says CEO Karsten Friedrich.

This intensive, high-agility collaboration means that Complevo needs to be able to experiment and iterate swiftly.

“Rapid iteration is part of collaboration,” says Lead Engineer Maycon Beserra. “If you have to set up servers and provision resources, that’s really hard. But rapid prototyping is possible with a DevOps mindset—you get the product, then have a standard process to develop and deploy. You don’t have to worry about different standards in different client infrastructure or even internally.”

But building the cloud infrastructure to serve industry-leading clients comes with its own challenges.

“There’s no doubt that Mirantis has empowered us to work with major accounts."

Karsten Friedrich, CEO of Complevo

Stand-Up and Compliance Made Easy

Serving world-class clients—including one of the largest car manufacturers in Germany—means serving clients with rigorous compliance requirements. That creates challenges for a software development firm that aims to be nimble and cloud-driven. Some clients may not even allow the use of public cloud resources.

That means Complevo needs a reliable cloud solution that can run on-premises. For this, they partner with Mirantis. Mirantis Kubernetes Engine allows them to swiftly stand up and maintain a flexible and compliance-focused private cloud—and to rest easy, knowing that Mirantis takes care of security. According to Beserra, the time to deploy a Kubernetes cluster was reduced from around a month to a single week. But that’s not the only benefit.

“There’s no doubt that Mirantis has empowered us to work with major accounts,” says Friedrich. Mirantis enables Complevo to achieve the kind of flexibility, standardization, and compliance necessary for a fast-moving, forward-looking software provider.

As the two firms’ partnership moves forward, Complevo continues to chart the way for cloud-driven innovation in the automotive, engineering, and transport space.


Empower fast, flexible, secure, and standardized cloud-based solutions for industry leaders in the transportation, automotive, and construction industries


Mirantis Kubernetes Engine, Mirantis Container Runtime, Mirantis Secure Registry deployed on premises, enabling Complevo to iterate quickly while adhering to compliance requirements


Rapid cluster deployment, secure and compliant private cloud, and the power to serve industry-leading clients, including global leaders in automobile manufacturing

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