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InterSystems Enhances and Accelerates its Use of Kubernetes with Training from Mirantis

About InterSystems

InterSystems provides innovative data technology for industries with critical needs such as healthcare, financial services, and logistics. InterSystems technology is used to manage more than 1 billion health records worldwide, to process stock transactions at 11 of the top 20 global banks, and processes more than 300,000 transactions per day for the second largest shipping company in the world. InterSystems IRIS is a complete cloud-first data platform that makes it easier to build and deploy high-performance, machine learning-enabled applications that connect data across disparate systems. InterSystems IRIS has been recognized by Forrester as a Leader in data platforms. InterSystems is also recognized as a Visionary in Gartner Magic Quadrant™ for Cloud Database Management Systems (DBMS).

Embarking on the Kubernetes journey

InterSystems Corporation, a leading provider of database, interoperability, and analytics technology, chose to adopt Kubernetes to help speed delivery of cloud-native products to its customers, but the steep learning curve for Kubernetes was delaying this transition. Effectively running Kubernetes for any organization can be painful, especially with customer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to meet, and it was no different for InterSystems. Just referring to Kubernetes online documentation and taking online courses wasn’t enough for InterSystems staff working to launch the company’s first containerized product; the company realized it needed to invest in training so its cross-functional teams could rapidly gain the skills and confidence to learn Kubernetes.

Effective Kubernetes training starts with people and understanding goals

InterSystems found a solution with Kubernetes training from Mirantis. Jim Breen, Director of Global Learning at InterSystems, was looking for a best of breed vendor for cloud-native training that had the same intense partnership and customer-first focus as InterSystems. “Similar to the way we work with our customers,” Breen explained, “Mirantis focused on building a good relationship with us, and gaining a deep understanding of our pain points, our cloud technology needs, and how we deliver value in the cloud.”

A flexible and seamless training experience

From the beginning, Mirantis ensured that everyone at InterSystems would have a seamless, positive, training experience. Multiple training modalities and flexible scheduling enabled InterSystems staff to fit in training around their needs. “We opted for a Mirantis subscription package for our Kubernetes bootcamp,” said Breen. “And having a designated Mirantis program manager was invaluable for scheduling and planning.” Based on input from InterSystems, Mirantis scheduled classes so employees could learn while staying on track with their work deadlines. This flexibility also enabled InterSystems to scale its teams quickly and efficiently.

"Working with the Mirantis Trainers are best of breed among the industry, you get that feeling that they want to help you be successful."

Jim Breen, Global Director of Learning Services

Mirantis develops its bootcamps by distilling complex technologies such as Kubernetes into a focused curriculum that engages learners and rapidly accelerates learning. Learning by doing is a key element that Mirantis incorporates into its training, based on feedback from developers, sales, product engineers, architects, and support teams. To enrich each learner’s experience, Mirantis provides real-world content based on its own experience delivering cloud technologies. “The Mirantis training was dynamic, with engaging instructors and hands-on lab exercises which were amazing,” said Amir Samary, InterSystems Director of Solutions Architecture. “Within days we were able to do it on our own.”

Investing in people delivers real outcomes

The Mirantis Kubernetes training enabled InterSystems to fully optimize its software deployment process by reducing unnecessary cycles and eliminating reinventing the wheel on every deployment each time. The company went from pushing releases every few months to pushing them every few days, and with quality assurance. Customer support case loads dropped significantly, and customer satisfaction increased. As an added bonus, the training increased employee motivation and realized an overall improvement in culture. John Paladino, InterSystems Head of Client Services, said, “The training was so popular, it became the most talked about topic at the watercooler. People were randomly coming into my office to say ‘thank you’ because the training was so impactful for them.”


  • Most technologists cite that Kubernetes has a steeper learning curve than most technologies

  • Reading generic documentation and taking on-line courses is not enough to navigate the Kubernetes complexity


  • Mirantis trained over 160 InterSystems employees in various Kubernetes courses and this continues to grow

  • Increased customer satisfaction by completing the Kubernetes training and gained employee confidence

  • They went from pushing releases every few months to releasing in days


  • Make the time and prioritize the important things, always. If you think you don't have time for training, it's because you don't think it's important – you need to believe that this is important. It’s complex technology, knowing it and understanding how to use it well makes a huge difference. So make training a priority.

  • Training is a continuous journey. Taking an iterative approach is helpful – apply what you learn, then move on to learn the next thing.

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