Agility in the Cloud and Datacenter for Developers at Liberty Mutual with Docker Enterprise

Increasing agility in the Cloud and Datacenter for Developers at Liberty Mutual

Docker Enterprise Helps Liberty Mutual Support Customers Through Their Life Journeys

Supporting Cloud and Traditional IT

Liberty Mutual has 107 years of rich history—and technology. It needed to operate in a mixed-mode, where developers could innovate and start writing cloud-native applications while keeping existing systems stable and secure for the business. Importantly, they didn’t want developers to worry about infrastructure.

Container Platform for Modernization, Innovation

Liberty Mutual runs Docker Enterprise both on-premises and in the cloud. That lets their developers can focus on innovation and building applications, rather than worry about configuring infrastructure.

Faster Deployment, Happy Developers

Today, over 6,000 services rely on Docker, including some of the company’s most critical line-of-business applications running in production. About 30 percent of Liberty Mutual’s applications are now in the cloud on Docker, and developers are empowered to make decisions and when and where they’re going to deploy code.

Liberty Mutual by the Numbers


of Applications in the Cloud


Business Services Deployed



“At Liberty Mutual, Docker is a key part of our journey to the cloud and our application modernization.”

— Mark Cressey

Senior VP and GM of Hosting Services

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