Finnish Railways Modernizes Key Transportation Apps with Docker Enterprise

VR Group is the state-owned company that runs Finnish Railways, and moves 82 million passenger and 36 million tons of freight per year. The 150+ year old transportation business is broken into separate divisions, each with their own technology departments. When they wanted update their legacy reservation system and an existing commuter service application, they turned to Docker, Accenture and Docker Enterprise. The company saved over 50 percent on IT by modernizing its customer-facing applications with Docker Enterprise.

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VR Cloud Saved 50% on IT by Modernizing Its Applications with Docker Enterprise


Disparate applications and vendors led to application sprawl with several different technology stacks and platforms to support, adding up to high operating costs, slow time-to-market and software quality issues.


Finnish Railways began working with Accenture, a long-time partner, to design a new common application platform based on Docker Enterprise running in AWS and modernize its traditional applications.


VR Group built a new commuter services application on Docker. They immediately saw a 50% overall IT cost savings and gained better visibility into all applications with centralized logging and monitoring.

VR Group by the Numbers

82 Million

Passengers per Year

36 Million

Tons of Freight per Year


Percent IT Cost Savings

1 App Delivery Pipeline

for 20+ Vendors

“What we’ve accomplished this year with Docker Enterprise is a lot in a really tight timeframe. Time to market is remarkably better now.”

— Markus Niskanen

Integration Manager, VR Group


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