1. Definitions:

    Child Cluster” Clusters that are deployed and/or managed by the Docker Enterprise Container Cloud Software

    Container Cloud Instance” means a single deployment of the Docker Enterprise Container Cloud Software, and references the Docker Enterprise Container Cloud Software Management Cluster, that manages the Child Clusters.

    Docker Enterprise Container Cloud Software” is the Licensed Software.

    Docker Enterprise Subscription” means a paid subscription for Docker Enterprise Software (e.g. Docker Enterprise 3.1) that includes open source software, proprietary software, and software support.

    “Management Cluster” means the group of Nodes or Virtual Machines that host the management tooling and processes.

    Node” means a virtual machine or computer system with a single motherboard (i.e. “bare metal” node) on which all or a portion of the Mirantis Software is installed or executed or is managed by a component of the Mirantis Software.

  1. One (1) Container Cloud Instance of Docker Enterprise Container Cloud.

a. If you are not a current Docker Enterprise Subscription customer you may deploy up to 3 Child Clusters until otherwise notified by Mirantis.  Your Trial Period ends if you exceed 3 Child Clusters or when otherwise notified by Mirantis.

b. Current customers with over $100,000 of paid Docker Enterprise Subscriptions may deploy up to 3 Child Clusters and submit 1 support ticket to Miriantis every 2 months for limited support provided. Support tickets will be answered by Miranits  on an if or when available basis for the 3 Child Clusters.  Your Trial Period ends  the first of a) if you exceed 3 Child Clusters; or b) if you have less than $100,000 of paid Docker Enterprise Subscription