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Mirantis And CoreOS Developing First Commercial OpenStack-Kubernetes Integration
Joseph Tsidulko August 06, 2015

Two open-source technologies that are reshaping enterprise IT — OpenStack and Linux containers — cozied up closer to each other Thursday through a partnership between Mirantis and CoreOS.

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Mirantis And CoreOS Launch Enterprise-Grade OpenStack And Kubernetes Integration
Frederic Lardinois August 06, 2015

OpenStack company Mirantis and CoreOS today announced that they have teamed up to integrate Mirantis’ OpenStack distribution with CoreOS’s Tectonic container platform. Together, the two companies will now offer enterprises the ability to use both OpenStack and Kubernetes, the Google-incubated container management and scheduling tool, on a platform that offers “enterprise-grade support and manageability.”


Do Amazon and Google public clouds need to work nicely with others?
Barb Darrow August 04, 2015

One question swirling around public cloud providers like Amazon and Google? How well they will connect to customers’ existing information technology—and whether that technology comes in the form of a private cloud or a traditional data center. A corollary: Whether public cloud providers really need to do this in the first place.


Mirantis wants to make OpenStack easier to use
Ben Kepes July 08, 2015

Cloud in a box might be a sacrilegious term to many cloud purists, but it seems it’s actually a real thing. Mirantis is jumping on board and creating a program around converged cloud appliances.


Mirantis takes fight to Red Hat and HP
CBR Staff Writer July 03, 2015

Boris Renski, co-founder of Mirantis, explains how OpenStack is defining infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS).


Mirantis opens up its OpenStack
James Nunns June 25, 2015

Mirantis is releasing the latest version of its OpenStack cloud, version 6.1.  The release aims to support the deploying of workloads from the OpenStack Community Application Catalogue, as well as providing flexibility of choice and increased scale resilience with 200-node support out-of-the-box.


Q&A: Interview with @MirantisIT Talking OpenStack and Mirantis Unlocked
David Marshall May 19, 2015

Yesterday at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver, Mirantis unveiled a new partner program dubbed Mirantis Unlocked, a partner program that’s designed to help infrastructure and solution providers seamlessly deliver technology in the OpenStack ecosystem.  So how does Mirantis view the difficult nature of getting OpenStack up and running with all the bits and pieces that don’t necessarily work together seamlessly?


Citrix Partners With Mirantis To Find Some OpenStack Love
Ben Kepes May 18, 2015

Until a few years ago, there were a couple of widely held beliefs in the open source cloud world. The first was that OpenStack, the project initially launched by NASA and Rackspace and now firmly ensconced in its own foundation, was not quite production ready. Despite all the industry support for OpenStack, actual customer wins seemed few and far between. The other belief was that CloudStack, the competing open source cloud system that was born from the company (since acquired by Citrix), was production ready, well-adopted by real-world users but lacking the sex appeal of OpenStack.


​Mirantis aims for OpenStack out of the box with pre-built appliances
Toby Wolpe May 18, 2015

Software and services firm Mirantis today set out a testing and certification initiative for its partner companies, which it hopes will lead ultimately to pre-configured OpenStack appliances.

The company says its Mirantis Unlocked programme, comprising about 50 OpenStack software and service providers, will help ensure technologies based on the open-source cloud initiative work together with minimal effort.


Oracle and Mirantis forge OpenStack alliance
Barb Darrow May 15, 2015

Another day another OpenStack alliance. This time out, database kingpin Oracle is working with Mirantis to make sure that the Oracle 12c database will run on OpenStack cloud infrastructure.