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You can’t make money from open source
Swapnil Bhartiya May 06, 2016

There are many more companies that have been extremely successful around open source: Automattic makes money around WordPress; Acquia makes money around Drupal; Mirantis makes money around OpenStack; Docker and CoreOS make money around containers. And I can keep going.

Techweek Europe

Mirantis Co-Founder Boris Renski Talks OpenStack And Vodka
Ben Sullivan April 29, 2016

TechWeekEurope managed to grab Renski during the summit for a quick-fire Q&A on the state of OpenStack and where Mirantis wants to be.


OpenStack Summit — checking in after another six months
Ben Kepes April 29, 2016

The bi-annual OpenStack summit is always a great chance to see how the initiative is going.


Mirantis Unlocks OpenStack Appliances with Quanta and Supermicro
Sean Michael Kerner April 20, 2016

OpenStack vendor Mirantis first announced its Unlocked Appliances initiative in July 2015 as an effort to collaborate with hardware vendors on building OpenStack cloud appliances, and it’s been growing the program ever since. Mirantis today is announcing the expansion of the Unlocked Appliances program to include Quanta and Supermicro.


Game of stacks: Mirantis vs. Red Hat
Swapnil Bhartiya April 13, 2016

Is Mirantis taking customers away from one-time partner Red Hat?

TechWeek Europe

OpenStack Mitaka Release Aims For Ease Of Use
Ben Sullivan April 08, 2016

“What used to take several steps to create a network in Neutron, for example, has been reduced to a single command,” said Kamesh Pemmaraju. “It is also a lot easier now to configure Nova or to setup Keystone.”


Mirantis scores huge OpenStack win with VW
Ron Miller April 05, 2016

Mirantis, one of the last pure play OpenStack startups left standing announced a major win today when VW chose them over Red Hat for an enormous OpenStack implementation.

Daily Cloud

Mirantis Revenue Surges With Large Enterprise Wins
Jeff Ferry April 01, 2016

OpenStack startup Mirantis has seen a surge in revenue in late 2015 and early this year as more enterprise and service provider customers have gone live with OpenStack deployments.

Wall Street Journal

Intel Announces New Chips for Cloud Computing
Don Clark March 31, 2016

Intel also announced a collaboration with two startups, CoreOS and Mirantis Inc., that could make it easier for companies to move computing jobs between competing cloud services, or between their own data centers and the cloud.

Enterprise Times

Mirantis gives its OpenStack some Liberty
Ian Murphy March 01, 2016

Mirantis has announced v8 of its OpenStack distribution incorporating the OpenStack Liberty release. The company claims that this release is the most stable OpenStack distribution on the market and credits significant feedback from its largest customers in helping it get the release right.

SDX Central

OpenStack Eases NFV Into the Cloud
Kamesh Pemmaraju February 26, 2016

Communication service providers need OpenStack to help them move into the cloud era so they can finally retire proprietary, hardware-bound service architectures in favor of logically chained, scalable, software-managed virtual network functions (VNFs) running on OpenStack.

Investor's Business Daily

AT&T Leads In Private Cloud, OpenStack Software: Goldman Sachs
Reinhardt Krause February 25, 2016

AT&T (T) will likely be the biggest user of OpenStack cloud computing software worldwide, says a Goldman Sachs report on growth in private clouds

The New Stack

Telecoms Band Together to Virtualize and Open Source their Network Stacks
Swapnil Bhartia February 25, 2016

A group of telecommunication companies and their software providers have come together to bring Network Functions Virtualization their data centers.

Light Reading

Saudi Telecom Pins NFV Future on OpenStack
Iain Morris February 22, 2016

Saudi Telecom (STC) has taken a strategic decision to use OpenStack technology for all new virtual network functions (VNFs), saying the alternatives did not match up in terms of cost benefits.

Microservices: Small parts with big advantages
Danny Bradbury February 19, 2016

Microservices go hand in hand with containers and the idea of software portability – but how do they work and why should you care?