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Citrix Partners With Mirantis To Find Some OpenStack Love
Ben Kepes May 18, 2015

Until a few years ago, there were a couple of widely held beliefs in the open source cloud world. The first was that OpenStack, the project initially launched by NASA and Rackspace and now firmly ensconced in its own foundation, was not quite production ready. Despite all the industry support for OpenStack, actual customer wins seemed few and far between. The other belief was that CloudStack, the competing open source cloud system that was born from the company (since acquired by Citrix), was production ready, well-adopted by real-world users but lacking the sex appeal of OpenStack.


​Mirantis aims for OpenStack out of the box with pre-built appliances
Toby Wolpe May 18, 2015

Software and services firm Mirantis today set out a testing and certification initiative for its partner companies, which it hopes will lead ultimately to pre-configured OpenStack appliances.

The company says its Mirantis Unlocked programme, comprising about 50 OpenStack software and service providers, will help ensure technologies based on the open-source cloud initiative work together with minimal effort.


Oracle and Mirantis forge OpenStack alliance
Barb Darrow May 15, 2015

Another day another OpenStack alliance. This time out, database kingpin Oracle is working with Mirantis to make sure that the Oracle 12c database will run on OpenStack cloud infrastructure.


​Oracle and Mirantis put Database 12c on OpenStack private clouds
Toby Wolpe May 15, 2015

Oracle and software and services firm Mirantis have joined forces to make it easier and faster to set up Database 12c ready for use on OpenStack private clouds. 

The availability of Database 12c and Oracle Multitenant as the first Oracle applications in the Murano OpenStack catalog represents a deep integration with OpenStack, according to the enterprise software giant.


Mirantis And Pivotal Ink A Deal–Part Brand Building, Part Customer Value-Add
Ben Kepes May 11, 2015

Another in the long line of partnership announcements for both Mirantis and Pivotal. But this time with a twist, they’re partnering with each other. Mirantis is, of course, perhaps the most successful OpenStack service provider. While other OpenStack players either have less than stellar exits or fail outright, Mirantis seems to be going from strength to strength. For its part, Pivotal Cloud Foundry is the Platform as a Service (PaaS) part of the Pivotal operation. Pivotal is a joint venture between EMC and VMware and has gained serious attention since its inception.


EMC partners with Canonical, Mirantis, and Red Hat for OpenStack
Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols May 06, 2015

Do you want to use OpenStack, but you’re afraid of the headaches of getting its architecture just right? Well, EMC is here to help with OpenStack reference architectures for three leading OpenStack vendors: Canonical, Mirantis, and Red Hat.


Like PB And Jelly–Cloud Foundry And OpenStack, Better Together
Ben Kepes April 02, 2015

Interesting news today as OpenStack vendor Mirantis joins the Cloud Foundry foundation. While some may see this as a somewhat bizarre blurring of the traditional divisions between infrastructure and platforms, the reality is that it is a move that is beneficial for customers.


Mirantis joins Cloud Foundry to ease the PaaS onto OpenStack
Toby Wolpe April 02, 2015

In a drive to enable developers to run their choice of tools on top of OpenStack, software and services firm Mirantis is integrating the cloud platform with app-development framework Cloud Foundry.

The Inquirer

Juniper and Mirantis snuggle into a cloud OpenStack alliance
Chris Merriman March 20, 2015

JUNIPER AND MIRANTIS are getting cosy, with news that they are to form a cloud OpenStack alliance.
The two companies have signed an engineering partnership that the companies believe will lead to a reliable, scalable software-defined networking solution.


Mirantis Partners With Google To Bring Kubernetes To OpenStack
Frederic Lardinois February 24, 2015

Mirantis, a major player in the OpenStack ecosystem, today announced that it has partnered with Google to bring support for Kubernetes, Google’s open-source project for managing containerized applications, to the OpenStack project. This new project uses OpenStack’s Murano application catalog to make it easier to deploy and configure these new Kubernetes-based clusters and their respective Docker containers.