Matthew Broersma
April 17, 2012
At the OpenStack Design Summit & Conference in San Francisco this week, Dell launched a partner programme that will see a growing list of collaborators offer products and services around…
Matt Weinberger
April 16, 2012
Dell and Rackspace Hosting made announcements today that make partners a key part of their OpenStack and big data market plays. Dell’s announcement is the more far-reaching…
Rene Millman
April 16, 2012
Dell has launched a new partnership programme with the aim of focusing on cloud and big data enablement. Its new Emerging Solutions Ecosystem expands on previous efforts around the Hadoop…
Jack Clark
April 16, 2012
Dell has partnered with enStratus, Canonical and Mirantis to bulk out the enterprise services available for its OpenStack-based private cloud. The Round Rock, Texas-based company announced…
Maureen O'Gara
April 13, 2012
OpenStack announced Thursday that, as expected, it’s moving to a foundation governance model with a published framework that’s supposed to limit Rackspace’s dominance of the…
Ted Samson
April 12, 2012
IBM, HP, Red Hat, Cisco, Dell, and more sign up as premium members for foundation providing shared resources to continue OpenStack development.
Network World
Brandon Butler
April 12, 2012
As OpenStack backers prepare for a design summit next week that will outline the future of the open source cloud project, three big-name companies – IBM, Red Hat and Yahoo – all officially…
Talkin' Cloud
Joe Panettieri
April 12, 2012
OpenStack, the open source cloud platform, is beginning to attract an ecosystem of IT consultants, integrators and deployment specialists who can help customers with public cloud and pr…
San Antonio Express-News
April 12, 2012
Mirantis, a leader in engineering services for OpenStack™ Cloud, said that its executives and customers, Nexenta and iSuperGrid, will speak at three sessions at the upcoming OpenStack Conference…
Talkin' Cloud
Joe Panettieri
April 6, 2012
When it comes to OpenStack and open source cloud computing, here’s the key question I keep asking: Are any companies or customers actually profiting from OpenStack? One potential answer…
January 17, 2012
Mirantis, an engineering services firm delivering OpenStack and application infrastructure expertise, is the only commercial organization in the world whose engineers took three of the …
Virtualization Review
Boris Renski
December 1, 2011
There is a common belief that the future of IaaS clouds will be dominated by telcos. To justify this idea, people point to a recent spree of acquisitions by telcos: Verizon acquiring Te…
Data Center Knowledge
Colleen Miller
November 3, 2011
Wanted: OpenStack developers. This talent is in high demand in the cloud industry at the moment. OpenStack, which is an open source operating system for cloud offerings, was founded in …
HPC in the Cloud
Greg Elkinbard
October 25, 2011
The advent of public clouds has brought large-scale HPC resources within easy reach of ordinary companies. In many situations, especially for temporary projects, cloud solutions can be …
Dan Kusnetzky
October 19, 2011
Summary: Boris believes that comparing OpenStack and Amazon’s AWS is not correct. It is like comparing a restaurant to a grocery store. Back in August, I published a piece summarizing a…
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