Mirantis Acquires Docker Enterprise Platform Business

Virtualization Review
Boris Renski
December 1, 2011
There is a common belief that the future of IaaS clouds will be dominated by telcos. To justify this idea, people point to a recent spree of acquisitions by telcos: Verizon acquiring Te…
Data Center Knowledge
Colleen Miller
November 3, 2011
Wanted: OpenStack developers. This talent is in high demand in the cloud industry at the moment. OpenStack, which is an open source operating system for cloud offerings, was founded in …
HPC in the Cloud
Greg Elkinbard
October 25, 2011
The advent of public clouds has brought large-scale HPC resources within easy reach of ordinary companies. In many situations, especially for temporary projects, cloud solutions can be …
Dan Kusnetzky
October 19, 2011
Summary: Boris believes that comparing OpenStack and Amazon’s AWS is not correct. It is like comparing a restaurant to a grocery store. Back in August, I published a piece summarizing a…
Mike Scherbakov
October 12, 2011
One of the most popular platforms for building private and public clouds is an open source effort called OpenStack. The OpenStack initiative incorporates a number of projects (compute,…
October 3, 2011
Mirantis, an engineering services company focused on open source application infrastructure, has established a Center of Excellence for OpenStack™ to help companies successfully deploy …
SD Times
Boris Renski
September 7, 2011
by Boris Renski

Historically, commercial software provided enterprises with reliability and scalability, especially for mission-critical tasks. No one wanted to risk failure in finance, operations, or …

Cloud Computing Journal
Boris Renski
August 26, 2011
Over the history of computing, we can trace a pattern of continuous decomposition, from a single system into disparate components. Early on, these individual parts made it easier to des…
How to Use Service Mesh with VMs and Containers