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Mirantis Lens 5 Zooms In On Your Entire Cloud-Native Stack

Mirantis recently announced Lens 5, which comes with a wide range of new features and capabilities. We invited Miska Kaipiainen, Senior Director Of Engineering at Mirantis, to take a deep dive into this release. “We are taking Lens to the next level with version 5. One of the key features of this release is the ability to add your entire cloud-native technology stack and make it easily available so that you can reach all parts of that stack from within Lens,” said Kaipiainen. Initially it was all about Kubernetes, but now it has expanded beyond it. One of the core pieces of Lens 5 is ‘Catalog’ that allows developers to add their resources and then easily access them. It provides very comprehensive insights into what those resources are and where they are running; they could be in the cluster or in the pipeline. I think that’s going to be a game changer for Lens.” Lens 5 is available as beta and is expected to hit general availability by the end of May or early June.