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How Lindsay Corp is Saving 700+ Billion Gallons of Water with Docker Enterprise

450,000 pivot irrigation systems are a key part of the water infrastructure for over 300 million hectares of farmland globally. Lindsay Corporation supplies and services irrigation equipment and technology in nearly every region around the world. Its FieldNET solution is the leading global remote irrigation management and agricultural IoT platform available today. To support global growth and faster product development of water-saving technology, Lindsay partnered with Docker and Capstone. With Docker Enterprise, Lindsay has been able to containerize tightly coupled Windows and Linux applications and accelerate cloud migration of its legacy applications to Microsoft Azure to enable faster time to market. The rebuilt platform is critical to delivering on the promises of Lindsay’s solution: up to $35/acre increased profit for Lindsay’s customers, while reducing energy consumption, carbon emissions and water usage by 17%. The expected global impact is impressive: By 2022, Lindsay’s customers could save 700 billion+ gallons of H2O and 1.2 billion kWhr of energy—the same as 200,000 passenger vehicles operating for a year, equivalent to burning 100 million gallons of gasoline. In this session, you’ll learn how Lindsay: - Is able to scale quickly to meet business growth and customer demand - Adopted modern DevOps and cloud capabilities to modernize monolithic applications - Is reducing infrastructure requirements by 50% while enabling elastic scale, high availability and a smaller attack surface Brian Magnusson - VP, Technology & Innovation, Lindsay Corporation Mark Miller - Business Solutions Architect, Capstone To view other customer success stories from Mirantis, please visit