The End of OpenSource?

July 30, 2021

The economics of open source are changing in ways that threaten its historic value to users. Important independent projects are underfunded and understaffed, leading to crises of quality and undermining governance. Big companies are moving in on projects and making (in some cases, dubious) moves to monetize, sometimes influencing the utility and trustworthiness of widely-depended-upon upstream versions, and/or introducing new lock-in factors. How can we fix this? Join Shaun O’Meara, Global Field CTO, Adam Parco, CTO, and Chris Price, Director of Engineering, for a survey of the state of popular open source projects, the forces and trends impacting them, and a discussion of funding methods and governance models for ensuring open source project independence, trust, and software quality in the future. Check out our upcoming and on demand webinars here:

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