OpenStack Cloud Migration Services

Moving your Cloud to OpenStack

Is it time to migrate your cloud? Many organizations that have innovated with today’s cloud platforms have gained important insights to date. Some of these legacy clouds have aged well; others, not so much.

You may be bringing an AWS application in-house, looking to save cost by offloading non-mission critical workloads from costly VMWare lock-in or untangling yourself from dated spaghetti code.

At Mirantis, we’ve helped numerous organizations successfully make their cloud open, vendor-independent and cost-effective. Our OpenStack migration services feature:

  • Workload Portfolio Assessment to identify workloads best suited to redeployment on OpenStack infrastructure
  • Deployment of the Latest OpenStack Codebase, validated and tested by Mirantis
  • Cloud Load Testing and Go-live Validation for a smooth, surprise-free transition
  • Cloud Operating Services and Support to ensure your OpenStack implementation meets target service levels as it grows and evolves

Mirantis has the road-tested engineering expertise to move even the most complex of code bases to new, more cost effective implementations. By helping you build out with OpenStack, we can help you get free of the costly grip of lock-in, and look ahead to a more open, more resilient future.