Cloud ROI at Scale

Every company needs to release software faster. However, as companies execute digital transformation strategies, many struggle to achieve large-scale production app development using complex and inconsistent CI/CD scripting or inflexible PaaS platforms that are complicated to install and difficult to use with advanced release strategies.

Mirantis Application Platform helps enterprises adopt continuous delivery to accelerate your delivery of containerized applications and achieve cloud ROI at scale:

  • Migrate your existing workloads by recreating on premises application execution environments in GKE, EKS, AKS or other public clouds
  • Maintain existing security standards by integrating familiar security tools and processes with continuous delivery pipelines to Kubernetes clusters
  • Avoid disruption to ongoing development by integrating with existing CI tools and providing self-service continuous delivery portal to the development teams
  • Mitigate cloud lock-in with native Kubernetes integration and flexible cloud driver plug-ins available out of the box in Spinnaker
  • Achieve 10x improvement in the frequency of production deployments through continuous delivery automation and adoption of advanced deployment strategies

Mirantis Application Platform Beta Program

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Mirantis Application Platform is currently available as a paid beta program for approved participants. If your company is interested in the Mirantis Application Platform beta, please complete the request form on this page.

Included in the beta program:

  • Deployment, configuration and 99.99% uptime SLA for a single dedicated Mirantis Application Platform instance, including Spinnaker, Jenkins, Gerrit and Terraform on a private or public cloud of choice
  • Integration with customer’s existing tools, including:
    • Identity Provider (LDAP, AD etc.)
    • CI systems (Jenkins, Travis etc)
    • Compliance Scanners (, Qualys etc)
    • ITSM Platforms (ServiceNow, Jira)
    • ChatOps Platform (Slack, PagerDuty etc.)
  • Configuration and ongoing support of golden images and continuous delivery pipeline templates for one starter application for a period of one year