Mirantis @ OpenStack Summit | Portland 2013

RSVP for the OpenStack Summit Kickoff Party


It’s back! The 2013 OpenStack Summit Kickoff Party is hosted once again by Mirantis, with co-sponsorship by Dell. Join us in Portland Monday Night, April 15th  at Leftbank Annex from 6:30 to 8:30ish Monday night to start the summit with a kicking good time! 

It’s a short ten-minute walk from the conference venue. We’ll keep you entertained with an open bar, hors d’oeuvres and DJ jams with hundreds of other stackers. (There will be Vodka in the house). To get you back and forth, we’ll have shuttle buses running every 15 minutes between Oregon Convention Center and Leftbank Annex starting 6:15pm.


Featured Presentations from Mirantis


Load Balancing as a Service

Roman Alekseenkov

Mirantis Delivers OpenStack Cloud OpenStack Grizzly will finally include support for elastic load balancing. 

Quantum LBaaS project provides a standardized REST API that abstracts diverse hardware and software-based load balancers. This allows administrators and applications to instantiate and configure virtual and physical load balancers on demand.

The talk will walk attendees through key features of Quantum LBaaS and will include a live demonstration of managing HA-proxy instances.  We will also discuss supported load balancers and go over the future roadmap.

See the talk in the conference schedule here.


Stand up HA OpenStack with open Puppet manifests in under 20 minutes

Boris Renski – Co-Founder and EVP at Mirantis

We do lots of OpenStack at Mirantis. Many customers ask us to make the cloud controller highly available and want free open source for their cloud. At Mirantis, we like making them happy, so we put together Puppet recipes to make very highly available OpenStack, at no cost.

In this talk, I’ll do a simple demonstration that everyone can understand, on how to use open Puppet recipes to get to highly available OpenStack clouds.


OpenStack in production: Accelerating Innovation at PayPal

Saran Mandair – Senior Director, Site Operations at PayPal

Pay PalIn Fall of 2012 PayPal embarked on a pilot OpenStack project aimed at transforming its global infrastructure into an agile, open and robust cloud platform. 

Today the first PayPal production applications are running on OpenStack. By end of fall 2013, we expect several thousand instances in production supporting web and mid-tier applications. Along the way, PayPal solved several technical challenges making OpenStack highly available, scalable and easy to operate at scale.

See the talk in the Summit Schedule here.