Huawei releases new disaster recovery option for OpenStack
Ilya Stechkin - September 28, 2015

Huawei released a new version of its cloud operating system, FusionSphere 6.0, based on OpenStack. Most notable is its disaster recovery service. In Huawei’s press release, Sun Zhenjian, general manager of the Huawei IT data center disaster recovery solution, said that as cloud computing technology becomes more mature, “disaster recovery solutions that employ new architectures and use cloud resource pools are …

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4 Reasons Why OpenStack is VDI’s Newest Darling
Karen Gondoly, COO, Leostream - September 24, 2015

By Karen Gondoly, COO of Leostream “We must support a mobile workforce.” “Our users insist we embrace a bring-your own-desktop (BYOD) initiative.” “We must centralize our data!” Just about everyone in IT is faced with one or more of these challenges. So far, the silver bullet solution has been to build a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in order to host desktops centrally …

OpenStack:Now Podcast, Episode 4 — Tesora’s Amrith Kumar
OpenStack:Now - July 20, 2015

Mirantis' Nick Chase and John Jainschigg talk to Tesora Founder and CTO Amrith Kumar about Database as a Service, what it means for computing and OpenStack, and OpenStack Trove Day in August.

OpenStack:Now Podcast — Episode 3 (Ronen Kofman of Mirantis) External link
OpenStack:Now Podcast - July 9, 2015

Ronen Kofman, VP of Product Management for Mirantis talks about the company's new release, Mirantis OpenStack 6.1, and about the OpenStack industry in general. Please also join us for previous episodes with Sumeet Singh of AppFormix and Ken Hui of Platform9.

OpenStack:Now Podcast — Episode 2 (Ken Hui of Platform9)
OpenStack:Now Podcast - June 29, 2015

Nick Chase and John Jainschigg talk with Platform9's Ken Hui about what makes for an exciting career in OpenStack, and where he thinks things are going.

Mirantis OpenStack 6.1 opens the way to the App Catalog, containers
Nick Chase, OpenStack:Now - June 29, 2015

Mirantis released version 6.1 of its flagship distribution this week, with new features that include the ability to deploy applications not just from the OpenStack Community App Catalog, but also from Docker Hub, and even repos based on the newly announced Docker Trusted Registry. Mirantis OpenStack 6.1 also includes the ability to perform granular deployments, create multi-hypervisor clouds that include …

Docker—it’s not just about containers
Jodi Smith, OpenStack:Now - June 29, 2015

At the second annual Dockercon this week (four times the size of the first event a year ago), countless announcements took place, which we will get to below. More importantly, what became clear is that Docker really is not just about containers—it is evangelizing new ways to innovate by making the internet programmable.“Containers are hot, but Docker is more than …

Red Hat Summit News
Denise Boehm, OpenStack:Now - June 29, 2015

A lot of news has come out of this week’s Red Hat Summit in Boston, held June 23-26.  Red Hat, which offers the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, is one of OpenStack’s main contributors and sponsors, and it demonstrated its involvement with a plethora of new functionality in its OpenStack cloud environment.Perhaps the biggest news is that Red Hat …

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IBM’s Docker Based Container Services for Enterprise Cloud Application Developers External link
Ilya Stechkin, OpenStack:Now - June 29, 2015

Last week there was some great news in the world of containers from IBM. Nowadays developers have gained a new tool to create applications that are platform independent, and that tool is based on Docker. IBM Bluemix, Docker, Cloud Foundry and OpenStack -- all of them can be used as platforms, but this week IBM made it easier to use …