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Logging into a Server from Mirantis OpenStack Express

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Before you can do anything, you’ll need to log into the appropriate server, but because you don’t have credentials for it yet — you can create those next with these instructions — the only way to do that is to log into the Fuel node first, then log into the other server from there.

To start, get the credentials for your Fuel server from the Mirantis OpenStack Express Dashboard:

On the dashboard, click Show Credentials for the Data Center, then use the SSH credentials to log into the Fuel server with your favorite SSH client.  The IP address for the server is the same as the IP address in the management URL.

Once you’re logged into the Fuel server, you can SSH to the target server by referencing its name on the command line.  For example:
ssh root@node-2.domain.tld

Want to read more?  This article is an excerpt from our new guide, Mirantis OpenStack Express: Application On-boarding Guide (currently in beta).  Please let us know what you think.