OpenStack Marketplace Hosted Private Cloud Looks At Private Cloud As A Service

Probably the single most common complaint about OpenStack is that it’s difficult to deploy and operate, so perhaps it was just a matter of time before Private Cloud as a Service appeared on the scene.  Also known as Hosted Private Cloud, these services provide an easy way to get started with OpenStack, and now the OpenStack Foundation has launched a new category in the OpenStack Marketplace just for them.

The shift from in-house resources, where developers and users must wait for manual deployment form the IT department to cloud computing, where resources are available (more or less) instantly, has been ongoing, but it’s definitely here to stay.  When companies do try to make the move to private cloud to provide those resources in-house, however, the shock of deploying and operating OpenStack can often be frustrating compared to the ease by which users can spin up public cloud resources.

PCaaS services, such as Mirantis OpenStack Express, provide a way to avoid those problems.  Users can simply enter payment information and the service deploys their cloud, ready for use. The benefits of PCaaS include:

  • Low barrier to entry with little to no upfront capital expenditure

  • Deployment speeds that are comparable to public cloud provisioning

  • Control over physical infrastructure location, isolated hardware, and policies to meet data sovereignty and security requirements

  • Minimal responsibility for operating the physical infrastructure and operational aspects such as cloud software upgrades, driver updates, scale out management, etc.

The OpenStack Marketplace is designed to make it easier for consumers to choose between similar but disparate services, providing an apples-to-apples comparison of features such as distributions and drivers.  The initial launch of the Hosted Private Cloud category includes entries from Mirantis, Aptira, AURO, Blue Box, IBM, DataCentred, Metacloud, Morphlabs, Rackspace and UnitedStack.


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