This Week in OpenStack:Now (Aug 11, 2014-Aug 17, 2014)

It seems like everyone’s thinking about private cloud this week, whether it’s the OpenStack Foundation’s new Hosted Private Cloud category on the Marketplace, Suse’s new release, or Platform9’s emergence from “stealth” mode with a new way of doing things.  Or maybe it’s just because they’re still reeling from Marten Mickos’ announcement last week.

OpenStack Marketplace Hosted Private Cloud Looks At Private Cloud As A Service

Probably the single most common complaint about OpenStack is that it’s difficult to deploy and operate, so perhaps it was just a matter of time before Private Cloud as a Service appeared on the scene.  Also known as Hosted Private Cloud, these services provide an easy way to get started with OpenStack, and now the OpenStack Foundation has launched a new category in the OpenStack Marketplace just for them. Read the full story

Platform9 Re-Uses Existing Infrastructure To Set Up OpenStack Clouds

This week saw the introduction of a new approach for OpenStack cloud management with the emergency from stealth mode of Platform9, a company founded by former VMware engineers. Rather than public or private cloud, Plaform9’s approach is more “control plane as a service,” utilizing a company’s existing servers but layering Platform9’s controller software on top of it. Read the full story

How to Use OpenStack Hype to Become an Instant Sysadmin Hero (and Not Get Fired for It)

OpenStack is great, but at Mirantis, we understand how difficult (and expensive) it can be. We also know it doesn’t have to be that way. To simplify things for you, analysts Michael Coté and Carl Brooks of 451 Research and Mirantis product manager Ronald Pagani, Jr. will cover the best practices and adoption patterns for DevOps in OpenStack and Private Cloud, who’s succeeding with DevOps or not and why, workload selection and infrastructure considerations, and features and use cases for Private-Cloud-as-a-Service, along with a demo of Mirantis OpenStack Express. Sign up for this webcast now and let us show you how to save money and time by using Private Cloud as a Service. (Sponsor’s Post)

SUSE Cloud 4 Sports Icehouse With Ceph And VMware

On August 14, SUSE released version 4 of their OpenStack distribution, with full support for the Ceph object storage framework. Version 4 is said to also permit use of VMware’s ESXi hypervisor in ‘mixed hypervisor’ environments, though further exploration suggests that this release actually permits some level of integration into vCenter and control of VMs within a vSphere/ESXi cluster. Read the full story


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