53 new things to look for in OpenStack Newton (plus a few more) External link
Nick Chase - October 17, 2016

OpenStack has reached its goal of supporting cloud-native applications in all of their forms -- virtual machines, containers, and bare metal.

Mirantis OpenStack 9.1 – Continuing to Simplify the Day-2 Experience External link
Sam Stoelinga - October 13, 2016

Mirantis OpenStack 9.1 makes it easier for cloud operators to consume upstream innovation on a periodic basis, and you can get access to this capability through an easy and reliable update mechanism.

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What’s the big deal about running OpenStack in containers?
Nick Chase - September 29, 2016

Look, it's no secret that deploying and managing OpenStack is difficult at best, and frustratingly impossible at worst. So what if I told you that using Kubernetes and containers could make it easy?

Gaming is serious business
Ilya Stechkin - September 8, 2016

G-Core Labs had a problem. The hosting company focuses on providing infrastructure for online gaming companies -- a notoriously exacting proposition. Fortunately, there's OpenStack.

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Infrastructure software is dead. Long live infrastructure software.
Angela McCallister - September 6, 2016

Mirantis Co-Founder and CMO Boris Renski recently stirred discussion with his blog post that infrastructure software is dead. At this year's OpenStack Days Silicon Valley, …

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Six reasons OpenStack fails (Hint: it’s not the technology) External link
Angela McCallister - September 2, 2016

We know OpenStack is hard. But why?

NetApp + Mirantis: MOS 9.0 Reference Architecture and Fuel Plugin
Akshai Parthasarathy, Technical Marketing Engineer, NetApp and Christian Huebner, Storage Architect, Mirantis - August 29, 2016

What happens if you need to integrate NetApp’s leading storage hardware into OpenStack?

Six DevOps myths and the realities behind them
Angela McCallister - August 28, 2016

At OpenStack Days Silicon Valley, Puppet Founder and CEO Luke Kanies dispelled the six most common misconceptions he’s encountered that prevent organizations from adopting and benefiting from DevOps.

How does the world consume private clouds?
Amar Kapadia - August 23, 2016

In my view, there are four consumption models for OpenStack. Let’s look at each approach and then compare.

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AWS, VMware, OpenStack … what’s your opinion?
James Chung - August 22, 2016

While vendors have many opinions on how these technologies stack up against each other, there is a shortage of data on how users perceive these technologies.