Mirantis OpenStack 7.0 vs. RHEL OSP7
Bruce Matthews, Joseph Yep - November 16, 2015

How do the two major OpenStack distributions compare? Let's find out by comparing Mirantis OpenStack 7.0 vs. Red Hat RHEL OSP7.

openstackred hat
When in Beijing: Mirantis and UCloud form Chinese OpenStack company
Nick Chase, OpenStack:Now - October 28, 2015

Mirantis has announced it will partner with China’s largest public cloud hosting provider, UCloud, to create an entirely new OpenStack entity owned (roughly) equally by the two companies.

Rackspace expands on OpenStack Magnum with Carina Containers as a Service
Nick Chase, OpenStack:Now - October 28, 2015

Rackspace has announced Carina, Containers as a Service built on top of OpenStack

Dell to take EMC private
Nick Chase, OpenStack:Now - October 12, 2015

Dell plans to buy out EMC for a total near $67 billion in cash and a "tracking stock" based on the performance of VMware.

Rackspace expands hybrid strategy to AWS and OpenStack
Jodi Smith, OpenStack:Now - October 6, 2015

Rackspace officially announced a partnership with Amazon to help enterprises move their clouds to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWShybrid cloudRackspace
Huawei releases new disaster recovery option for OpenStack
Ilya Stechkin - September 28, 2015

Huawei released a new version of its cloud operating system, FusionSphere 6.0, based on OpenStack. Most notable is its disaster recovery service.

disaster recoveryHuawei
4 Reasons Why OpenStack is VDI’s Newest Darling
Karen Gondoly, COO, Leostream - September 24, 2015

The virtual desktops market has long been a classic duopoly, with the two big players — VMware and Citrix —reigning over all. Now OpenStack is changing the game.

Mirantis launches NFV initiative with partners Citrix, Metaswitch and Overture
Nick Chase, OpenStack:Now - September 21, 2015

Mirantis is adding NFV-required features to make a carrier-grade OpenStack distribution that offers a small physical footprint, HA, and other NFV features.

citrixMetaswitchNetScalerNFVOPNFVOverture NetworksProject Calico
HP Enterprise hit the hardest in pre-split layoffs
Nick Chase, OpenStack:Now - September 21, 2015

HP laid off more than 25,000 people, mostly from the HP Enterprise side of the business, just days before the General Availability of CloudSystem 9.0.

HPHP EnterpriseHP Helionlayoffs
A Cloud Oligopoly or a Vibrant Open Ecosystem?
Alex Freedland - August 23, 2015

For those of us who do not want a dystopian oligopoly in cloud, what is a viable alternative?

CoreOS Tectonic and Mirantis OpenStack: because this is your business
Kamesh Pemmaraju, Mirantis Blog - August 6, 2015

Most companies choose a distribution -- and the support that comes with it -- for OpenStack. You can see the same phenomenon at play in the nascent world of containers and container orchestration.

containerscoreosdockerMirantis OpenStacktectonic
HP targets developers by buying Stackato PaaS
Nick Chase, OpenStack:Now - August 3, 2015

HP has purchased Stackato with the intention of using it to enhance the HP Helion Developer Platform.

IBM starts developerWorks Open, 50 open source projects
Nick Chase, OpenStack:Now - July 28, 2015

IBM moved to increase the base of developers interested in using its OpenStack-based Bluemix PaaS this week, launching developerWorks Open. The company also open sourced 50 new projects,

Intel and Rackspace want ‘Cloud for All’
Nick Chase, OpenStack:Now - July 28, 2015

Intel and Rackspace have announced the ‘Cloud for All’ initiative, which includes the formation of the OpenStack Innovation Center, to be located at Rackspace’s San Antonio headquarters.

cloud for allintelRackspace
Mirantis OpenStack in the real world: Building a scalability test lab
Denise Walters, Ilya Stechkin, Yury Koldobanov - July 28, 2015

When we're talking about running in production, it's important to be certain as to how it's going to perform under various circumstances.