OpenStack-based apps: The technology is easy, it’s the culture that’s hard
Superuser.TV - May 23, 2016

At the OpenStack summit last month in Austin, Mirantis' Craig Peters and the OpenStack Foundation's David Flanders got together to discuss application development on OpenStack with Superuser.TV.

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Why the world needs private clouds
Amar Kapadia - May 20, 2016

The $130B+ datacenter market is simply too large to jump onto one single bandwagon. Here are 10 reasons why you need to at least consider private cloud as part of your strategy.

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EMC introduces Native Hybrid Cloud
Nick Chase, OpenStack:Unlocked - May 17, 2016

This week EMC made two new announcements, both focused on helping customers more easily bridge the so-called "OpenStack skills gap" holding back adoption.

AT&T deploys 74 OpenStack clusters; named Superuser
Ilya Stechkin - May 2, 2016

How AT&T is planning even more deployments in 2016 as it virtualizes its infrastructure based on OpenStack.

Partners and the Mirantis Unlocked validation program — Part 1: Plugins
Evgeniya Shumakher, Ilya Stechkin - April 22, 2016

Business partnerships are so often about common marketing activities such as cross-promotion and the publication of joint press releases, but Mirantis is first and foremost a technology company.

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Is Cinder’s Google driver the light at the end of the hybrid cloud tunnel?
Nick Chase - April 17, 2016

On its face, it seems simple. The newest version of OpenStack, Mitaka, includes a Cinder driver that enables users to easily backup data to Google Cloud Storage. No big deal, right?

OpenStack makes production gains, Fuel rises
Nick Chase, Mirantis Blog - April 13, 2016

More than 64% of OpenStack deployments are now running in production, and Fuel has become the leading purpose-built OpenStack deployment tool.

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OpenStack:Unlocked (21-Mar-16 « NEWS « 03-Apr-16)
OpenStack:Unlocked - April 5, 2016

Intel partners with CoreOS, Mirantis, and Google to put OpenStack on Kubernetes

“ADMIT ONE” Your Ticket to Better OpenStack Marketing
Kamesh Pemmaraju, Heidi Joy Tretheway, Joseph Sandoval, and James Kelly - April 4, 2016

Marketers are known to be colorful and amusingly creative people, so when you need a shot of adventure comedy—our expert panel on “Winning OpenStack Marketing Strategies”— is just the ticket you need.

OpenStack:Unlocked (07-Mar-16 « NEWS « 20-Mar-16)
Nick Chase, OpenStack:Unlocked - March 22, 2016

A new survey shows growing OpenStack adoption and what's still holding it back, Rackspace enhances their bare metal service, and the next OpenStack release is almost here.