Unlocked by Design: Evolving a Successful OpenStack Partner Ecosystem
Kamesh Pemmaraju, VP Product Marketing, Mirantis - July 11, 2016

In this six-part blog series, contributors from the Mirantis Unlocked team discuss some of the methods and process they evolved to build a large and diverse partner ecosystem.

Partners and the Mirantis Unlocked validation program — Part 2: Fuel Plugins
Evgeniya Shumakher, Ilya Stechkin - June 20, 2016

If you are a vendor who wants to add functionality to deployments of OpenStack (or even just to Fuel), you can choose to contribute to the Fuel project directly, or you can create a plugin.

OpenStack Community App Catalog Review: Issue #5
Ilya Stechkin - June 13, 2016

The latest happenings in the OpenStack App Catalog community.

App Catalog
OpenStack Summit Austin Glance update
Alexander Tivelkov - June 13, 2016

The third day of the summit in Austin included multiple discussions about Glance.

Smashing Success: Global OpenStack Bug Smash Strengthens Mitaka Release
Guest Post - May 10, 2016

The first Global OpenStack Bug Smash was organized to improve the Mitaka release by identifying and addressing open issues across component projects.

OpenStack Community App Catalog Review: Issue #4
Ilya Stechkin - April 22, 2016

Welcome back to the OpenStack Community App Catalog Digest! Today we’ll try to help you with your summit planning.

community app catalog
53 new things to look for in OpenStack Mitaka
Nick Chase - April 17, 2016

The OpenStack Mitaka release has three general themes: an improved user experience, better manageability, and scalability. (There's also a focus on easing the way for developers.)

Who Exactly is Using Mirantis OpenStack?
Amar Kapadia - April 14, 2016

We have dozens of customers who are past the experimentation phase and well into production with our pure-play distribution Mirantis OpenStack.

case study
OpenStack makes production gains, Fuel rises
Nick Chase, Mirantis Blog - April 13, 2016

More than 64% of OpenStack deployments are now running in production, and Fuel has become the leading purpose-built OpenStack deployment tool.

openstack user survey
OpenStack:Unlocked (21-Mar-16 « NEWS « 03-Apr-16)
OpenStack:Unlocked - April 5, 2016

Intel partners with CoreOS, Mirantis, and Google to put OpenStack on Kubernetes