OpenStack Community App Catalog Review: Issue #2 External link
Ilya Stechkin, Kirill Zaitsev - February 4, 2016

Welcome to the second edition of the OpenStack Community App Catalog Digest, where we'll fill you in on what's going on and how you can contribute.

OpenStack:Unlocked Podcast Ep 15: OPNFV’s Heather Kirksey
NickChase - January 25, 2016

Hosts Nick Chase and John Jainschigg talk to OPNFV Director Heather Kirksey about what NFV is, why it matters to telcos, and why telcos aren't the only organizations that can benefit from it.

OpenStack community tackles skills shortage; Mirantis trains 5000 students
Nick Chase, OpenStack:Unlocked - January 25, 2016

Mirantis reports having trained more than 5000 students in 2015, and those numbers are growing throughout the industry.

“Workloads don’t run on OpenStack” – OpenStack:Unlocked Podcast Vol 2, Ep 1: Mirantis’ Boris Renski External link
OpenStack:Unlocked - January 11, 2016

Hosts Nick Chase and John Jainschigg talk to Mirantis co-founder and CMO Boris Renski.

The upcoming OpenStack Foundation Board election
Boris Renski - January 11, 2016

As you know, OpenStack:Unlocked is sponsored by Mirantis. We are pleased to bring you this personal note from Mirantis co-founder Boris Renski.

openstack foundation board
OpenStack Community App Catalog Review: Issue #1
Alexander Tivelkov and Ilya Stechkin - December 3, 2015

A monthly digest of news related to the OpenStack Community App Catalog, a project providing an easy way for users to deploy applications on their OpenStack clusters.

community app catalog
Voices from Tokyo: The white-collar diaries
Ilya Stechkin - November 30, 2015

Instead of the robots we had in Vancouver, in Tokyo, we had a team of volunteers among our engineers, so we are pleased to present, “Voices from Tokyo: The white-collar diaries”.

Deploying and Managing Container-based Applications with OpenStack and Kubernetes External link
Jodi Smith - November 20, 2015

Mirantis engineer Ihor Dvoretskyi will present "Deploying and managing container-based applications with OpenStack and Kubernetes" at GDG DevFest Istanbul.

OpenStack:Now Podcast Ep 13: Sriram Subramanian, The Cloud Don
OpenStack:Now Podcast - November 19, 2015

OpenStack:Now's Nick Chase and John Jainschigg talk with Sriram Subramanian, The Cloud Don, about the goings on at the OpenStack summit in Tokyo.

Fuel Becomes an OpenStack Project under Big Tent
Boris Renski - November 18, 2015

The OpenStack Big Tent just got a whole lot bigger. The Technical Committee has voted in the largest OpenStack project yet: Fuel. Fuel is an open source deployment and management tool for OpenStack.

Big Tentdeploymentfuel