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Using the OpenStack Community App Catalog External link
Ilya Stechkin, Serg Melikyan

With the OpenStack Community App Catalog, you can distribute applications much more easily, while users have a much easier time with deployment.

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Democratizing service creation in OpenStack – Anything-as-a-Service with Murano
Ronen Kofman, Mirantis

The workload layer is user land, owned and controlled by users. At the workload layer, customers and end users expect to add new services and evolve them at a fast pace, while still maintaining full control of their destiny. To make these users successful, we need to arm them with a powerful framework that enables them to create and manage these services; a framework that give users full control, allowing them to innovate at their own pace, minimizing the dependency on the OpenStack upstream community to create and maintain those services. With the recent release of Murano in Kilo we are providing such a framework.

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