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Mirantis and Juniper Networks are collaborating to innovate and deliver solutions that help service providers and enterprises rapidly deploy scale-out clouds integrating Mirantis OpenStack with Juniper Contrail Networking and OpenContrail. Mirantis has recently produced Reference Architectures for manually integrating Mirantis OpenStack 6.0 with Juniper Contrail Networking 2.2 and up, and for automatic deployment of Contrail Networking 2.01-41 with Mirantis OpenStack 6.1, using a Fuel Plugin. Both reference architectures include architectural prescriptions for scale-out to 500 compute nodes.

Fuel Plugins

Juniper Contrail Networking Fuel Plugin

This plugin enables configuration and deployment of the Juniper Contrail Networking SDN for Mirantis OpenStack. Contrail is an advanced overlay SDN that incorporates a powerful vRouter for line-rate packet processing, decoupled from physical network infrastructure. It offers VNF chaining, L3VPN/E-VPN for remote connectivity and cloud federation, and works with software and open hardware (e.g., Juniper Networks MX series routers, QFX series switches) for edge, backbone and physical device connectivity.

This plugin enables configuration and deployment of the Juniper Contrail Networking SDN for Mirantis OpenStack. Compatible with Juniper Contrail (testing was performed on


Community Integration Demos

Juniper vMX VNF (Virtual Router)

Juniper vMX router is a virtual version of the MX Series 3D Universal Edge Router. It runs the Junos Operating System (JunosOS) and supports JunosOS packet handling and forwarding modeled after the Trio chipset. Configuration and management of vMX routers are the same as for physical MX Series routers, letting you add the vMX router to existing networks without having to update Operations Support Systems (OSS).

The vMX router is a VNF providing functionality equivalent to Juniper MX series routers.

Juniper vSRX VNF (Virtual Firewall)

vSRX is a virtualized next generation firewall that provides security and networking services at the perimeter or edge in virtualized private or public cloud environments. vSRX runs as a virtual machine (VM) on a standard x86 server.

This runbook enables deployment of Juniper vSRX virtual firewall on MOS 8.0.

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