Optimizing Mirantis OpenStack for enterprise workloads

Virtually every enterprise runs some Oracle applications, and the integration of Oracle Linux and Oracle VM into the Mirantis OpenStack distribution provides users a supported, enterprise-grade OpenStack distribution optimized for running Oracle workloads.

Mirantis OpenStack is the only vendor-neutral OpenStack distribution certified by Oracle for use in Oracle environments.

Features and Benefits

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The Mirantis OpenStack software subscription offers deployment and management capabilities with enterprise-grade support for running OpenStack clouds on Oracle Linux and Oracle VM, for a variety of applications relevant to Oracle customers. As long as OracleVM or Oracle Linux is used as a host and Oracle Linux as a guest, all applications in the Oracle portfolio, including the industry-leading Oracle Database, are certified to run in that environment. Besides access to Mirantis support, customers will also be able to leverage Oracle support for any issues relating to Oracle Linux GuestOS.

Either kernel of Oracle Linux can run at the host or guest level, making it easy for customers to migrate off legacy Linux distributions, without the need to re-install or change existing infrastructure components in most cases. Using an enterprise-grade hypervisor and Linux distribution like Oracle Linux and Oracle VM, customers can trust that workloads will transition reliably to Mirantis OpenStack, with all parts of the stack well supported.

Mirantis OpenStack customers can also benefit from the advanced capabilities of Oracle Linux, such as Ksplice for zero downtime kernel updates, and DTrace for tracing the behavior of the operating system and user programs in real time.


Mirantis will offer enterprise customers a commercial bundle that will include subscription to Mirantis OpenStack with support for Oracle Linux and Oracle VM. Mirantis and Oracle will integrate support operations to provide a consistent service level agreement and a virtually seamless support escalation path for customers.

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