NetApp Storage with Mirantis OpenStack

Long-time OpenStack collaborators, NetApp and Mirantis, are working to improve integration and support within Mirantis OpenStack for the widest possible range of NetApp storage options, protocols, and features; and making it easier for service providers and enterprises to create robust, production-grade OpenStack clouds with feature-rich, high performance NetApp storage systems.

Mirantis and NetApp have collaborated to produce the NetApp Mirantis Unlocked Reference Architecture: a comprehensive guide to deploying Mirantis OpenStack 7.0 in highly-available, production-grade configurations, along with NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP/7-Mode and E-Series storage systems; using NetApp’s recently-released Fuel Plugin.

Features and Benefits

Integrated with Mirantis OpenStack, NetApp storage solutions offer data protection, scalability, storage efficiency and other capabilities well beyond what’s commonly available when using lowest common denominator components. Enhanced feature support from NetApp includes: With NetApp, an OpenStack deployment can scale on demand without losing flexibility, security, performance, or manageability. VMs can be deployed in a highly accelerated manner from the storage array. Applications can operate within secure tenants that span the entire hardware, network, and storage stack. Major components of the storage infrastructure can be replaced or upgraded non-disruptively.

  • Create fast and efficient Cinder volume snapshots (and create new volumes from them) with NetApp FlexClone® technology for Cinder.

  • Save storage space for images, by using Clustered Data ONTAP for NetApp FlexVol® volumes for Glance storage, with built-in deduplication.

  • Speed instance creation — NetApp FlexClone technology enables instant provisioning of new Cinder volumes that serve as the persistent root disk for VMs rather than the default behavior of re-downloading images from Glance for each new VM provisioned.

  • Simplify your infrastructure — run any version of NFS (NFSv3, v4.0, v4.1, or pNFS),iSCSI, or fibre channel protocols in your OpenStack deployment, eliminating need to deploy multiple storage products to address protocol requirements.

  • Balance loads and scale easily — move NetApp FlexVol volumes between nodes of a cluster to balance, distribute, and improve performance of the cloud infrastructure without interrupting service.

  • Protect your data — take Clustered Data ONTAP’s resilience and redundancy features maintain storage operations despite disk failures.

Expert joint support for Mirantis OpenStack and NetApp storage solutions is coordinated seamlessly through TSANet. NetApp and Mirantis have joined one another’s alliance programs to insure mutual transparency, well-defined escalation paths, and rapid problem resolution.

Offerings: NetApp Storage Systems

NetApp has validated its drivers with Mirantis OpenStack 7.0 and has created a Fuel Plugin to enable configuration and deployment of NetApp storage with Mirantis OpenStack. The current plugin supports OpenStack Cinder and Glance. NetApp storage families are supported by the integration (with more on the way) are:

  • Clustered Data ONTAP based NetApp FAS storage systems (CDOT): CDOT for OpenStack provides a unified architecture offering high storage efficiency, continuous operations, secure multi-tenancy, data protection, seamless scaling, and more.
  • SANtricity based NetApp E Series storage systems: E Series for OpenStack enables simple, low-touch administration of flexible and reliable SAN storage, providing extreme capacity and density, high performance (low latency, high IOPS), and availability.

The reference architecture provides complete architectural best-practice as well as concise deployment instructions for integrating either solution with Mirantis OpenStack in a fully production-ready, highly-available configuration. Individual network diagrams for each solution are provided. Deep links to NetApp and Mirantis source documentation provide important background for recommendations, and cover numerous special-case deployment scenarios. Use of the NetApp Fuel Plugin simplifies and speeds driver deployment and makes it highly repeatable.

NetApp - Mirantis OpenStack - Clustered Data ONTAP Architecture

Architecture of NetApp’s Clustered Data ONTAP (FAS) solution architecture integrated with Mirantis OpenStack.

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