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Mirantis and Nuage Networks are partnering to certify the Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) on Mirantis OpenStack. Nuageā€™s VSP provides components that virtualize switching and abstract physical network infrastructure. VSP provides open APIs, and enables policy-driven automation for agility and security in large-scale multi-tenant enterprise clouds. It supports additional Nuage offerings such as Virtual Network Services (VNS), which simplify extending centralized enterprise cloud services to branch offices and remote sites.

Community Fuel Plugins

Nuage Networks VSP/VRS Fuel Plugin

Nuage Networks Virtual Service Platform (VSP) is an overlay SDN that provides complete virtual network capabilities for OpenStack. It incorporates an OVS replacement, VRS, and works in tandem with Nuage VSD (Virtualized Services Directory) and VSC (Virtualized Services Controller).

The Nuage Networks VSP/VRS Fuel Plugin enables deployment of Nuage Networks VSP on Mirantis OpenStack.

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